What to Wear for the Holidays

What to Wear for the Holidays | Twin Cities Moms Blog

The holiday season is here – and no matter what holiday you and your family celebrate – we all have ONE very important thing in common.

Ready for it?

You sure?


Yes. Clothes.  We all must wear clothes to our family gathering. If you are anything like me, you are getting bombarded with messages on social media telling you how to “survive the holidays without stress.” I am here to help you with one teeny, tiny aspect of what may be causing you that holiday stress. I am here to share some trends for holiday dressing – and hopefully if nothing else, you feel great showing up to whatever event you celebrate. 

I recently took a poll on Instagram on whether people like to get dressy for the holidays or keep it casual. The overwhelming majority of my responders keep it casual for the holiday season – however, all of the ideas I’m sharing with you today can be dressed up or down. I’ll try to share those options with you so you can apply any of these trends to your super special gala event or your family movie night.

Here are a few ideas to help you create your holiday outfit. As always, these are some of the trends going on in the fashion world – so take whatever works for you and your style. 

Velvet: The 90’s are back with velvet popping up all over the place. This is a really easy trend to incorporate into your holiday outfit because it typically can be dressed up quite easily. The other easy aspect of velvet is that you can wear it anywhere from your top, to a blazer, to pants, to a hair bow. The options are almost endless. Here are a few pieces that I spotted to get you started: onetwothreefour 

Shoulders: Shoulders continue to be a major focal point for fashion – whether that be the cold shoulder trend (which we’ve been doing for awhile now) or off-the-shoulder tops. These options can be trickier for those of us living in cool climates and/or those of us with small toddlers that grab at our clothes (small toddler grabbing at your clothes + off the shoulder top = potential for serious embarrassment at a family dinner) – but maybe your kids are more well-behaved than mine so you can rock this trend! Power to you! Here are some options to show off your shoulders: onetwothree

Sweaters: If you are more classic in your style, you can go with a sweater for your holiday outfit. There are plenty of ways to style outfits with sweaters. You can go with a classic sweater (such as this or this) or even go with a sweater dress (like this). If you want to incorporate some trend into your sweater, you can look at some options with shine (such as this) or get super cozy with a chenille option (such as this). 

Jackets: This one is my favorite! Maybe you already have a great holiday outfit idea – so one way to complete your look would be to add a great jacket. One option is to try a faux fur coat to dress up an outfit – I really like these classic options (onetwo) or dressing it up even more with an option like this or this. Another trend is a fuzzy jacket such as a sherpa fabric coat or a teddy fabric – both super soft and can be dressed up and down. Some options for that can be found here and here

Which trends are you trying this holiday season? No matter what trends you try with your holiday outfit, the most important part is that you feel confident in whatever you pick! Enjoy your time with family and friends in whatever outfit you choose! 

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