What is the “New Normal” of Screen Time? Local Moms Discuss

Have your screen time rules changed in the past year? We're talking with our partners at Comcast LIVE on Facebook about screentime in the summer and all that comes with it.

We’ve chatted with our partners at Comcast before on screen-time and the tools you can access as a parent to help – but we all know that 2020 rocked our worlds with technology. We want to discuss – do we move back to our old “normal” when it comes to screen time, or do we create a new one?

The pandemic changed everything from our child’s education to the workforce. Our children may navigate a world that has many more virtual opportunities. We want them to feel equipped as they enter this world that is even more digital than it was just a year and a half ago.

On top of this, add in summer and we have even more decisions to make! With a break from school and more relaxed schedules, there are even more discussions to be had about how to navigate screen time when things are a little less structured.

As always, we navigate these conversations with grace and understanding that what works for one family may not work for another. That’s why we enjoy having these times with our friend Jill at Comcast so we as fellow moms can really learn from each other. We’d love to hear how you are navigating screen time in your home! Be a part of the conversation and leave a comment on the video on Facebook!

Listen in to our last discussion about screen time below!


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