Visit Farm Babies at the Minnesota Zoo

Our partners at the Minnesota Zoo invited our contributor, Erica, to their Farm Babies exhibit! Read about her family's experience and learn more about how you and your children can enjoy this exhibit this spring!

Visit Farm Babies at the Minnesota Zoo | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Spring can be SO slow to arrive in Minnesota! But even though the weather was still quite chilly and there were patches of snow left on the ground during our recent visit to the Farm Babies exhibit at the Minnesota Zoo, it still felt like spring.

Every year at springtime, the 8.5 acre Wells Fargo Family Farm at the zoo opens up to the public after being closed during the winter — and a visit to the baby goats, pigs, cows, chickens, ducks and rabbits, all born on the farm, is an excellent way to celebrate the season. 

Visit Farm Babies at the Minnesota Zoo | Twin Cities Moms Blog

When we visited, my three-year-old daughter crouched for ages in front of an incubator in the poultry area, pointing and laughing as eggs, ready to hatch, rocked back and forth. Three fluffy chicks that had just hatched were next door getting food and water. We also enjoyed watching little yellow ducklings eat and parade around.

In the goat barn, zoo volunteers held incredibly soft, three-week-old baby goats up for kids (and eager adults!) to pet, while a trio of goats that were born the day before were climbing up on top of each other, already playing king of the hill. We also loved watching four-day-old piglets snuggle together in the pig barn.

Visit Farm Babies at the Minnesota Zoo | Twin Cities Moms Blog

The zoo has a series of weekend activities planned at the farm during the babies exhibit (which runs NOW through April 30) including tram rides out to the farm, scheduled family activities, and kids can watch cow milkings three times a day. They also have a few new options this year. If the weather is nice enough, children under 75 pounds can go on pony rides for $7! They also have new food items including beer, brats, and corn plus John Deere merchandise can now be purchased at the gift shop. 

Because the farm is about a 15-minute walk from the zoo entrance buildings, it’s important to dress for the weather. The baby animals are all inside barns, but it is still an exhibit that involves a lot of time outside. During our visit, the zoo also had set up a small exhibit with baby bunnies and chicks inside the main building, near the snow monkey enclosure that you can also enjoy.

Our family enjoyed a wonderful morning at the exhibit and I know you and your family will too!

Visit Farm Babies at the Minnesota Zoo | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Click HERE to get your tickets to the Minnesota Zoo’s Farm Babies exhibit!

Erica Pearson
Erica lives in Linden Hills, Minneapolis, with her husband Edward and two daughters Elise and Emilia. Together, they are the Es. Originally from rural Wisconsin, Erica and her family moved from Brooklyn to Minneapolis right before Emilia was born and they enjoy exploring their new city.


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