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“Self-Care is a Whole Vibe” | Kobi Co.

Many of us could not see the light during the early days of Covid and for many people the pandemic was an anxious time. As a senior in high school in 2020, Kobi Gregory found herself participating in self-care rituals to help cope with anxiety.  She poured herself (literally) into candles and music to help her cope with the stress and anxiety brought on by the pandemic.

Light. Listen. Let Vibe.

What started as a way for Kobi to promote self-care for herself has turned into a mantra of self-care and love for all Minnesotans, through the development of their line of luxury candles and corresponding curated playlists.

When the candles started selling, Kobi and mom Tasha decided to use a portion of the profits to start a college fund for Kobi, which has expanded into an annual scholarship offered to young BIPOC women.

Kobi Gregory and her mom Tasha Harris are the heart of the business Kobi Co., and they take pride knowing that their products can help others enhance their self-care, and their scholarships are helping BIPOC women reach their dreams.

I was able to partake in a DIY candle making class at Rose & Loon at the Rosedale Shopping Center. The music set the tone and mood of the low-key event that brought an almost sold-out class. I walked in to see the mom-daughter duo setting up space for 10 to participate in the class.

I felt the excitement along with the candle makers, their joy lit up the room when they saw Kobi and Tasha. So many of the participants had bought the candles over the last two years and were proudly there to show their support to Kobi and Tasha.

Each person registered in the class received a bag containing an empty jar, stir stick, scents and jewels. Guests were instructed to pick a scent, stir it into wax, add jewels and create their own scent and candle. The entire group spent the afternoon together and left with their own signature Kobi Co. candle.

candlemaking toolsAfter the workshop, I asked Kobi and Tasha about their favorite scents and products were. Their responses were unique to each of them. Kobi’s favorite scent is the BLM scent. She created this scent after the murder of George Floyd and wanted to give back with this product. The purchase of a Black Lives Matter candle donates proceeds to local families impacted by law enforcement or gun violence. Kobi’s told me her favorite Kobi Co. product is the candles, because of the experience that can be created by lighting, listening and vibing.

Tasha’s favorite scent is #PurpleRain because she loves to represent her city and pay homage to the late Prince, whose hometown is in Minnesota. Tasha also enjoys the room sprays because you can take the scent wherever you go.

From bath bombs, bath salts, room sprays, and of course candles, Kobi Co. uses the cleanest waxes, wicks, and oils to create these ultimate self-care products.

Kobi Co. Candle“What started as a self-care rescue mission for a stressed-out teenager has now become a fast-growing, Minneapolis born-and-raised, intergenerational candle company that sits at the intersection of scent, sound and self-care.” (Kobi Co.)

So if you’re looking for a fun time with friends, reach out to schedule a candle making event. In addition to the Kobi Co. website, products can also be found at Patina, Electric Fetus, Down in the Valley, Rose & Loon and  The Dayton’s Project. I’m sure you’ll find something you love.

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