Twin Cities Park Finder: The Best Parks in the Twin Cities!


We’re so excited to bring you this brand new resource – our Twin Cities Park Guide! We are fortunate to have an incredible number of parks in the metro area and we wanted to be sure you knew all about the very best! Best of all, we’ve added each park to our Family Directory, so you’ll be able to bring up a map with each park you’re looking so that you’ll know exactly where you can find it.

Click the image above to see the full Park Finder, and each image below to find parks in your area of the metro.


There are a few great parks that you’ll want to add to your adventure list. Some of them are just far enough outside the metro that you’d need to make a morning out of the visit, but those we’ve listed are worth it!


Don’t worry, we didn’t forget our Wisconsin followers! If you’re looking for parks in the Hudson and Eau Claire areas, we have a handful of favorites for you here too!


Did we miss YOUR favorite park? You can add it to the Park Finder! Use the button below to find the form where you can submit another amazing park to this resource!

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