I Am A Twin Cities Mom: Nina Terrero Groth

Continuing our I Am A Twin Cities Mom series, we’re welcoming Nina Terrero Groth, a “born-and-bred East Coaster for whom Minnesota was just a random state in the Midwest, until I met and married a Minnesotan! I am Hispanic, while my husband is tall, blonde and very Nordic. We’re raising our son to be bilingual, and making sure he’s aware and proud of his bicultural background is of utmost importance to us here in Minnesota. Nearly everything we do – in terms of his school, activities, etc. – underscores that effort!”

A former reporter and on-air host, Nina transitioned careers shortly after the birth of her son and now works at Target in Communications. “I went from covering movies and the hottest celebrities in the entertainment biz to talking and thinking retail nearly 24/7. Believe it or not, I use the same skills now that I did back as a reporter …and the end results aren’t all that different either.”

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If we peeked in your purse right now, what would we find?
The usual suspects – you know, cell phone, wallet, keys — plus my work laptop (work doesn’t end just because you leave work!), head phones (history and true crime podcasts are a fave), running shoes for the occasional lunch hour work out, and a small makeup bag jam-packed with more lipsticks than I’d like to admit. A bright lip makes me feel “done” – it’s my secret weapon when there’s no time to primp!

Why do you call the Twin Cities home?
We moved here from New York City shortly after our son was born – my husband and I felt really passionate about seeking out and settling down in an environment that would provide opportunities for our son and our respective careers. The Twin Cities has so much to offer: thriving arts, cultural and sports scenes; great restaurants, good public schools, plenty of Fortune 500 companies, notable civic engagement, and access to incredible nature and hiking trails. But living here is what you make of it: Our small circle of friends have really made this place feel like home!

What’s been the greatest joy of motherhood?
I’ve loved seeing the world through my son’s eyes as he grows, learns and observes. Sure, there’s a lot that’s scary, but I’m so encouraged by his sunny spirit and his positive outlook of the world. He’s helped me appreciate the smallest of things, like taking a walk down the block or blowing bubbles. And he’s so darn funny – I find myself constantly cracking up over his little jokes and mannerisms!

What’s been the greatest challenge of motherhood?
Slowing down. I’ve always been the type to move a million miles a minute, but let’s be real: My son is a toddler and very much has his own pace. Embracing a new way of living – more meaningful, deliberate and thoughtful in terms of how I spend my time and energy – is something I’m constantly working towards. It’s not easy, especially when you’re a working mom with a mile-long to-do list, but I’ve learned that it’s OK not to get everything done on a specific timeline (and to not feel a ton of mom guilt in the process).

How do you hope your life influences and/or inspires other women?
I’ve had several careers since graduating undergrad from Cornell University (go Big Red!), most notably going from a successful career as a writer, journalist and on-air host to a position as a communications strategist and content creator at Target, a Fortune 50 company. On its surface, that switch seems pretty radical, but the skills that made be successful at my previous career have helped me stand out in my new one. Towards that end, I’d love to encourage and inspire women to consider multiple careers within the span of their professional lives. Aspirations evolve, priorities shift and new challenges emerge, so why not embrace that? As we develop and change, so should our professions. I can promise you it’s worth it …you owe it to yourself to live up to your potential in every stage of life!

Twin Cities Favorites
Date Night: Cocktails followed by a great concert – I recently saw both Sam Smith and Beyoncé! Or a yummy meal at a new restaurant. Exploring the Twin Cities food scene has been a fun – and delicious – journey!
Entertainment: I’m obsessed with all the incredible family-friendly festivals that seem to take place every weekend. They’re the kind of event that makes a medium-sized city like Minneapolis feel like a small-town – and I love that.
Shopping (for YOU!): Believe it or not, I’ve only been to the Mall of America twice since moving to the area. Coming from NYC, I’m kind of obsessed with the idea of an indoor spot with all the stores you could ever dream of under one roof! So it’d be fun to have a free day (sans kiddo!) to shop, have a meal and watch movie! A girl can dream, right?
Relaxation: I love a great facial and massage – it’s the perfect way to unwind and release stress. Lucky for me (and bad for my wallet), I’ve found a few great spots for both!

We love having the opportunity to share the personal sides of local Moms of the Twin Cities! If you would like to recommend another local Mom you think should be featured in our I Am a Twin Cities Mom series, please email us at [email protected]


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