I Am A Twin Cities Mom: Heather Fox

Continuing our I Am A Twin Cities Mom series, we’re welcoming Heather Fox, wife, mama to two boys, St. Thomas grad, lover of art, music, and design. She married her best friend and business partner, Brad, less than a year from the day they met. They like to do things big and bold. 

For the past 14 years, Heather and Brad have lived and breathed real estate. They found their niche in renovating and transforming homes for clients, as well as their own investments.

In Heather’s words, “We’re hooked. I couldn’t even tell you how many homes we’ve purchased and renovated. Brad could. He likes spreadsheets. I am design obsessed and can’t believe I get to do it as my full-time job! I still find myself taking the long way home to drive past old projects and give them a little wave. Owning and being creative director of our real estate, design and renovation business is what takes up most of my time, but being a mom is my true passion.”

You may recognize Heather from HGTV! Recently, their pilot aired twice and they’re waiting on feedback from the network to see if they’ll offer them a full series! We’re excited to feature this creative mama today and hope you get to know her better from the questions below.

I Am A Twin Cities Mom: Heather Fox | Twin Cities Moms Blog{Photo credit: Teagan Alex}

If we peeked in your purse right now, what would we find?
A stack of random business cards, 5 lip glosses, 9 membership cards to Zoos, museums, etc, 2 credit cards, an expired license (which reminds me to renew it. Ha!) & a few Lego guys.

Why do you call the Twin Cities home?
I LOVE the Twin Cities. How lucky are we to live in a city with people that take care of each other, is filled with art, culture & music and fully embraces small business & boutique style places?! Not to mention, this is an insanely family friendly place to live!

What’s been the greatest joy of motherhood?
Watching my boys grow, learn and take care of each other. They are best buddies and it makes me weepy to think how amazing that is!

What’s been the greatest challenge of motherhood?
Finding balance. As a small business owner, it’s a big struggle to put work away and just be 100% present for my family since I feel like I always have 200 things to do. It takes effort for sure. I’m trying to get better at letting the things go that I just don’t have time to do right now and focus on my littles who are getting bigger every day! I’m sure that’s a struggle for most moms, no matter your employment situation.

How do you hope your life influences and/or inspires other women?
If I ever inspire anyone to do anything, I hope it’s to just do it… whatever that “it” is! Don’t wait until Monday or next month, start working toward whatever your goal is right now. Say yes to things even when they’re scary and know that even really big goals are possible with the right attitude… and expect a bit of failure along the way!

Twin Cities Favorites

Date Night: We love heading to First Thursday at the Northrop King Building (all artists open up their studios for the night) to fill us up with inspiration and then heading to dinner & drinks.
Entertainment: Live Music, these days it seems it’s always watching my husband’s band Farewell Milwaukee
Shopping (for YOU!): Anthropologie- clothes; Hunt & Gather or Golden Age Design- home goodies
Relaxation: AM- a great workout at Barre3 to clear my head and focus on me! PM- a glass of wine on my porch after the kids go to bed.

We love having the opportunity to share the personal sides of local Moms of the Twin Cities! If you would like to recommend another local Mom you think should be featured in our I Am a Twin Cities Mom series, please email us at [email protected]


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