Lakes for Days: Lakeside Dining Destinations

My all time favorite memory from childhood is spending long summer days at the community pool in the small town where I grew up. I would set off on my bike in the morning, pick up a few friends along the way, and end up feeling pure bliss when my toes first dipped into the cool water. If I was lucky, my mom would give me a few dollars to spend at the concession stand during pool breaks. We’d swim all afternoon…and when that whistle blew at 5:00, everyone in the pool would make a beeline for the little snack shack. I don’t know what it is about swimming – perhaps just the right combination of heat and water – but it usually whets an appetite unlike anything else.

Lakeside Dining Destinations | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Back then, the fare was not sophisticated. I was a kid, so I didn’t think much about the food, but I do remember standing in line at the concession stand and spending my {parents’} hard earned money, buying treats for new friends I met in the deep end hours earlier. I remember the smell of cotton candy, the silly jokes on Laffy Taffy wrappers, and how it felt like you hit the jackpot to share a pop and popcorn with friends in the sultry summer heat.

I’m all grown up now and still have a profound love of any activity that takes place on or near the water. Whether its the water slides at a modern waterpark, a leisure stroll around the lake, or my new favorite: stand-up paddle boarding, I want to be near water in the summer. So I gravitate towards the natural beauty of a lake with sandy beach borders and tall green trees blooming in the distance. But my tastes have also matured, and a little ol’ concession stand just doesn’t have the same appeal anymore. The only thing that could make this idyllic scene more enticing? A full service lakeside restaurant with upscale food and beverage offerings.

Here are my favorite Twin Cities lakeside dining destinations.

For several years now we’ve been enjoying Bread and Pickle when we are in the Lake Harriet ‘hood

Lakeside Dining Destinations | Twin Cities Moms Blog

I don’t think there is a more picturesque place

Lakeside Dining Destinations | Twin Cities Moms Blog

to dine on Philly cheese steak and all natural beef dogs

Lakeside Dining Destinations | Twin Cities Moms Blog

and watch the ducks eat your leftovers

ducks in the lake

If a sandy beach is more your style, then sail on over to Sandcastle on Lake Nokomis


Where food crafted by a popular local chef

Sandcastle food

can be enjoyed while overlooking the wavy blue waters

Sandcastle Dining

or beside the beach that is packed with families

Lakeside Dining Destinations

or from a picnic bench perched right up to the shoreline

Lakeside Dining Destinations |

And the newcomer to the lakeside dining scene is Dock & Paddle

Dock and Paddle

which brings a taste of the Louisiana French Quarter to St. Paul’s iconic Como Lake

Como Lake Dining

where you can dine on Cajun eats inside the Pavilion or grab a table on the spacious outdoor terrace

Como Lake Dining

Come for the calming serenity of the water and stay for the tasty eats…whilst filling your memory bank with sweet moments shared with those you love. These summer days are the best days, the days you will look back on with nostalgia and smile.

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  1. Karri, thanks for the Bread & Pickle mention! Since we are trying to serve heathier-than-the-regular fare food, it’s nice to get noticed by a dietician! Please, though, don’t feed the ducks, they can’t digest that popcorn. The parks people used to have a sign up but not sure what happened to that…


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