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Turning 40: Quarantine Edition

Turning 40: Quarantine Edition | Twin Cities Mom Collective

This year of quarantine has made everything (for everyone) strange and different. Lots of bad and negative things have happened. However, it can be said that there sure are some great things to come of this as well. For one thing, we have learned to bond more and turn to each other for support and love.

In this strange and confusing era we are all still trying to celebrate births, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, loved ones passing and beautiful weddings.  Trying to see the good, and the parts of life that are important. These days bring so many feelings and emotions.

I turned 40 on May 18th, 2020. Leading up to this year, I never had any expectations or fears of turning the big 4-0. I told myself “it’s just a number.” Because you are only as old as you feel… right? And I still feel like I am 25, most of the time. (Except when I try and party like I am 25, then the next day I sure feel old.)

Turning 40: Quarantine Edition | Twin Cities Mom Collective

This year, since everything was closed and we are not suppose to gather in large groups, the options for doing something for my birthday were pretty limited. I told my hubby just being with the family was all I needed. And yet, to my surprise he planned a birthday distance walk, and at each pre-planned stop a new friend joined in on the walk. As a socially distanced group we walked to a park where we could enjoy coffee and catching up.

Seeing all these people – my people – who love me and were willing to walk with me on the journey of turning 40 was pretty amazing. The symbolism was not lost on any of us. And it struck me, we are all so blessed in so many ways. Many times we don’t get a chance to slow down and realize all the people that make our days, weeks, years, and very lives amazing. So as I turned over a page into a new chapter of being 40, I am grateful for the opportunity to celebrate another year of life.

Which is what birthdays are all about… celebrating life.

Happy Birthday to all the Mamas out there celebrating during this historic time (and always). Remember you are important, you are special and there is no one else like you. Enjoy your day!


Mama Janna

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Deirdre July 26, 2020 at 2:43 PM

Thanks for this post!! I’m also turning 40 this year. Even though it will be different then I had planned, it will be ok. We can still celebrate and maybe redo the 40th next year. 😂

Lara Olson July 28, 2020 at 11:55 PM

Your Birthday Surprise Walk was a great day to celebrate you! A Great Lady! Reflecting on that wonderful day, so many friends of yours turned out, from all over the Twin Cities, and from all different paths of your life. It was really fun to meet them and to hear how you have touched their lives, as you do with everyone who has been so very blessed to have you come into their lives! Thank you for all you do! Keep writing these amazing articles. 💕😎


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