Father’s Day: Tribute to the Stay-at-Home Dad

To all the dads who are the stay-at-home parent, here’s a tribute to you for Father’s Day. Today we celebrate all fathers, but I want to do a special thank you for what you do to help raise your kids. To my husband Paul, this one is especially for you. You are amazing in every single way possible, and I am so blessed to know you are at home with our boys day in and day out.

Father's Day: Tribute to the Stay-at-Home Dad | Twin Cities Moms Blog{Photo Credit: Whims and Joy Photography}

THANK YOU for knowing this was a job made for you.  You knew from the moment we started talking about how to handle daycare for our growing family jumping from one son to three sons in one shot that you would be the the stay-at-home parent. I adore you for taking on this role with excitement over four years ago and continuing to provide for our family in the best way possible.

THANK YOU for supporting me day in and day out not just in my professional career but also as a mom to our boys.  You make sure I feel like the best mom in the world even when I feel like I am falling short.

THANK YOU for creating our new normal.  There is always surprise when others hear you stay home versus me, but you make it sound like it was meant to be and would have it no other way.

THANK YOU for the long days you put in not just in caring for our boys but continuing to build a successful business that I love hearing you talk about having the boys work with you and take over one day when you are ready to retire.  Your passion for your boys shows in every aspect of your life including your business that you are building for their future.

THANK YOU for asking for help when you need it. Being a stay-at-home parent is not easy and I know that. Kids are tough customers and even when you feel like you are ready to give up, you always put a positive thought in your head to turn it around and make it a good day for the boys day in and day out.

THANK YOU for being an inspiration to others. You make being a stay-at-home parent seem like the best job in the world and I think others are inspired by you through your enthusiasm for being the primary caregiver for our children.

THANK YOU for playing such an important role in our kids’ upbringing. This time period is so important as they absorb everything around them and it’s so important to create a great environment for them to thrive in and you do that every single day with them.

THANK YOU for putting your family first.  Your love for us is seen so clearly by everyone around you and I appreciate the effort and time you put in to make sure we all spend time together outside of the house even though I can tell you are tired from a long week at home.

THANK YOU for not giving up.  There may be days where you wonder if this was the right decision for you, but know that you made the right one.  Be proud of knowing you are raising some amazing, smart kids, and you get to be there every day to help each one on their own individual journey.

THANK YOU for cherishing our boys. I don’t think you could stay mad at them for more than 30 seconds and I love that about you and how you interact with our little clan. Know they will grow up to realize and appreciate everything that you do for them.

THANK YOU for your patience. You have showed me the art of taking time with each and every one of our kids. I know we can get frustrated at times, but thank you for reminding me to be patient.

THANK YOU for not cutting me any slack. You keep me on my toes and make sure I continue to be the best I can be as not just a mom but also as your wife.

THANK YOU for making time for us.  You always make sure we take time for ourselves to relax and enjoy each other’s company without kids. It’s so important to keep connected to grow and continue to learn more about our marriage as we grow and change within our daily lives.

THANK YOU for all that you do. You are an amazing man, an amazing father, and an amazing husband. I won the husband lottery for sure and am lucky to call you mine.

Father’s Day has a special meaning to me because of what my husband does as a father to our kids. It takes a special person to make the decision to be the stay-at-home parent. So let’s raise up a glass to the stay-at-home dads out there because I don’t doubt that like my husband, you are doing an amazing job!

Aimee is considered first generation, born and raised right in Minnesota made possible by her parents who are Vietnamese refugees. She is married to her husband Paul and they have four handsome boys - Davis (2010), twin boys, Miles and Quincy (2012), and Jones (2019). Aimee works as a Relationship Manager for her day job, has a love for delicious food, and is always ready for the next adventure with her little family. Follow Aimee and her family through Instagram Pinterest Facebook


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