Top Ten Reasons Why Panera Bread Has The Best Jobs for Moms

Our partners at Panera Bread share about what makes Panera a great place for moms to work. Read all about the benefits of working at Panera and find out about how you can apply to join their team!

Top Ten Reasons for Moms to Work at Panera | Twin Cities Mom Collective

As a mom of 3, I have coined myself the “Office Manager” of my household. The one who keeps everyone on track, the calendar coordinator, soccer practice extraordinaire, and my children’s very own personal chauffeur. So, when deciding on a place to work, I needed to make sure it fit with my first priority….which will always be my FAMILY.

Insert Panera Bread. When I think of Panera, I think of easy meals on the go (Hello, curbside/rapid pick up!), delicious soups (broccoli cheddar all day, every day), and a nice escape for when I want to grab a solo coffee for some ME TIME.

So what makes Panera different? What makes Panera a great place for moms to work? We asked our very own Team Members/Super Moms and here’s what they had to say…

Top Ten Reasons for Moms to Work at Panera | Twin Cities Mom Collective

10 reasons that prove you can have a career that supports motherhood and, most importantly, YOU!

1. Flexible work schedules

Don’t miss out on PTA meetings and bus drop offs because of work! Let Panera work with YOU and YOUR schedule. Arrive early or stay late. It’s your oasis.

  1. Part time opportunities

Not looking for a full-time gig? No problem! Panera offers part-time opportunities. Want more hours down the road? We’ve got full-time positions too. You’ve got room to grow here!

  1. Ability to earn tips

Our associates earn hourly pay, plus unlimited tips in our bakery cafes.

  1. Daycare/learning center discounts

Panera offers 10% off at some daycares and specialty centers in the Twin Cities area. Bonus: Panera has discounts with learning vendors such as ABC Mouse!

  1. Sign on bonuses

Ready to start ASAP? Great! And we will give you a sign on bonus that will be paid out JUST in time for the holiday season.

  1. Free coffee for mom (and free cookies for kiddos)

Enjoy unlimited coffee during your shift. Bring on the #momfuel!

  1. Networking/sense of community (work with other moms!)

We pride ourselves on our culture at Panera. Work with other moms (and dads!) and enjoy a sense of community at your workplace. In addition, Panera gets involved in your neighborhood. We support local and national philanthropic causes and encourage our associates to join in! 

  1. Referral bonuses

Our associates earn unlimited bonuses for individuals they refer to Panera. Does your son/daughter/niece/nephew/cousin/neighbor need a job? Send them our way and earn some extra dough for you!

  1. Access to great food and meal discounts

Ever heard of Bread Bucks? Now you have! Our associates can purchase Bread Bucks to be used at any Panera which gives them HALF off. In addition to discounted food, enjoy a free meal during every shift that you work.

  1. Benefits/Perks

We offer a full range of benefits to eligible associates. Speaking of benefits, Panera offers preventative care, which includes mammograms covered at 100% if in network with no cost to the member. And we can’t forget PTO. Our Team Members accrue paid time off hourly!

Find your work/life balance now at a cafe close to home. Text “panerajobs” to 39522 or send us an email to [email protected].

Scan this code to be taken directly to Panera’s job opportunities!

Panera Bread | Twin Cities Mom Collective


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