Top 10 Most Read Posts of 2021

Each week the Twin Cities Mom Collective contributors share their unique perspectives with our readers. The TCMC community has formed through the connections felt while reading their words. We are honored to be in the company of these amazing mamas. Their openness and honesty help us relate to the joys and struggles that come along with the title of mom.

So please join us as we take a look back at the top 10 most-read articles of 2021. Enjoy!

1. Eight Gentle Parenting Lessons from Coach Ted Lasso

By: Rachel Nevergall

Mother sitting on porch with young daughter - Top 10 Most Read posts

“I’ve never liked the way we label ourselves as parents. It’s difficult enough for me to pick a team when I make my March Madness brackets. As a new parent, the idea of choosing a “side” for parenting made me completely squirmy. Who has the better jersey? Which mascot is cuter? The notion that there is a right or wrong way to parent feels like a disaster from the beginning for any mother.”

2. Being Grateful: Becoming a Stepmom, Before I Became a Mom

By: Val NewboldLittle Girl on a Swing - Top Ten Posts of 2021

“Fast forward many years later, I am a stepmom to a wonderful stepdaughter and a mom to two handsome, young sons.  I wouldn’t have become who I am today to these three children of mine, if I wasn’t a stepmom first. I am grateful for who I am today, because of this.”

3. Leggings are a Lie…

By: Kelly Jo Flaa

Woman in pair of black leggings - Top Ten Posts of 2021

“I love leggings. I used to be freaked out by them. The way they hugged my curves, highlighted my mom-butt, and left nothing a mystery about the diameter and circumference of my thighs. But since I’ve been working from home, I bought a few pairs to wear around the house. And – I gotta tell you – I ABSOLUTELY love leggings!”

4. 12 Must Haves for a Warm and Cozy Winter

By: Teralyn Simmons

snuggly blanket and coffee mug - Top Ten Most Read Posts of 2021

“Winter is around the corner and we’re already feeling the cold air coming through our city.  Growing up in Florida, I love being in the heat, but I’m actually starting to appreciate the cool weather that comes with living in Minnesota.  I love bringing out my fall and winter themed home décor and bundling up under a warm blanket while reading a good book.”

5. Winter Book List 2021: 10(+) Books To Cozy Up With This Winter

By Kami G

woman reading under a blanket on the couch: Top Ten Most Read Posts 2021

“But in the meantime, let’s savor a few cozy days for ourselves, because really, few things give us more comfort than a warm fire, something in a wine glass, and a good book! So with that in mind, here is a list of my top ten trending books for you to cozy up with this winter. Grab your favorite blanket and happy reading!”

6. My Post Partum Plan: The First 40 Days

By: Tabitha Morrison

Pregnant woman holding belly: Top Ten Most Read Posts 2021

“I did this thing after birthing our second baby where I didn’t do anything but focus on healing and feeding our baby for 40 days. Did you have to reread that 3 times? You read it right! Um… so who did all of the things that I usually do? My husband. My husband took on cooking, (light) cleaning, and taking care of our older child for 40 days! Ok, so he had to go back to work after his 21 day leave was up, but even still, he was taking on those major responsibilities while I took the time we all should be able to take and recover post-birth.”

7. DIY Craft: Boho Wall Hanging

By: Janna Murphy

yarn and sticks for a craft: Top Ten Most Read Posts of 2021

“It’s me again! The lady who loves crafting and adding flare to our homes. This time around, I thought I would share a super cute wall decor DIY project that can truly go any place in your home. The boho vibe is still in full swing, and I think what many people are loving about this trend is the beauty and simplicity it inherently has. So… here we go! A quick do-it-yourself craft you can do with your kid(s) for their room or study space. Or really anywhere you are looking to add some simple, fun decor to a wall in your home.”

8. Parenting Lessons from a Mother Duck

By: Rachel Anderson

mother duck with her goslings- Top Ten Most Read Posts of 2021

“I don’t know what it is about them, but I love ducks. There’s something about the way they quack and waddle about that I find completely adorable. Recently, an online video of a mother duck and her babies reinforced my appreciation for these friendly fowls. It turns out that in addition to their cuteness, these birds have a thing or two to teach me about motherhood.”

9. It’s Okay to be Basic

By: Katherine DeGroot

Mother with young daughter and baby - Top Ten Most Read Posts of 2021

“Once I gave myself permission to embrace “being basic,” I found myself in a deeper place of peace. No, I have nothing to prove, just some cute kids, a good husband, and a very normal life at home. If 2020 has taught us many things, may one of them be the simple joy of embracing what it basic. Perhaps it’s not the villain we’ve made it out to be.”

10. Getting Kids Preschool Ready Post-Pandemic

By: Madhura Gore

little girl cutting paper at a table

“This past year has been a year filled with losses, including  loss of education and loss of social interactions.  And in every family each member has been grappling with the situation in her own way and at their own pace, including the children. Surprisingly, they are the ones who are doing the best.”

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