Tips & Tricks: Creating a Fun Backdrop

Tips & Tricks: Creating a Fun Backdrop | Twin Cities Mom Collective

Personally, I love a good backdrop for any birthday, holiday, or kid photo! It helps focus the theme of an event while encouraging people to get into the spirit of celebration. At my company, construction2style, we’ve actually had the honor of creating some of the backdrops for previous Twin Cities Mom Collective events.

So today, I wanted to share a few simple tips when you’re trying to create a fun photo backdrop for your kids – or maybe even adult – parties and gatherings!

Less is More

When it comes to setting up displays, I like to live by the rule: less is more. If you have an open wall in your home, shoot it there as it works as a blank canvas to work with.

And remember when snapping the shot to back up. That’s what we all tend to forget to do. Don’t be shy and ask the person taking your photograph to back up too. Quick tip: If someone doesn’t know how to run a camera, just tell them to back up five steps because you can always crop it later!

If you don’t have a blank wall in your room or home, think about the different rooms you do have and what makes your heart happy – that’s always the best place to start.

In our personal home, we always use the biggest wall in our house which also happens to have the tallest ceilings. A win-win when gathering people together for a memorable photo op!

Tips & Tricks: Creating a Fun Backdrop | Twin Cities Mom Collective

Awhile back, I hosted a Galentine’s Day party in our home and quickly put together this fun balloon arch. In fact, we have a full tutorial on our blog for you to recreate this, 6 DIY Galentine Party Ideas.

Tips & Tricks: Creating a Fun Backdrop | Twin Cities Mom Collective

Wrapping Paper to Make it Easy

The best thing about wrapping paper is that it makes for a great backdrop! (And no, I’m not referencing wallpaper… which does the job too!) But actual wrapping paper, as it’s so inexpensive.

Any event we ever host, I always want to create a good backdrop and the first thing I do is go to the dollar store to buy wrapping paper in a fun print…roll it out, hang it up, and tape it securely on the wall. Another key tip is to try to use a space with hardwood or smooth flooring; because if the photo op is on the carpet, the second someone stands on the wrapping paper it might just tear your whole backdrop down. However, if carpet or other soft flooring is your only option, simply end the wrapping paper at the wall and throw down a fun rug or blanket to help create more of a vignette.

Throw up a Sheet

And if you don’t have a blank wall or want to spend money on wrapping paper, a plain, flat bedsheet works great as well! A simple sheet, either plain or with a pattern, makes for the easiest, yet fun backdrop.

And as you can see here, we added a rug and some simple decor to create another fun little vignette too.

Tips & Tricks: Creating a Fun Backdrop | Twin Cities Mom Collective

[Image courtesy of Samantha Lewis Photography]

Add Some Greenery or Florals

You can never go wrong with greenery or florals. With every TCMC backdrop, we’ve utilized florals and greenery as our go-to. With greenery, you can go simple or strong and it always makes the classiest statement.

I hope these few simple tips are helpful for you to create your one of a kind, fun backdrop for any special event. Or to simply snap some fun family photos! Here’s another spring inspired backdrop we completed a few years ago for some inspiration.

Just remember… have fun and get creative!

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