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Timeless Memories Made on Family Movie Night

Timeless Memories Made on Family Movie Night | Twin Cities Moms Blog

A night out at the movies has been a well-loved family pastime and tradition I have enjoyed since I was a child. The movie-going experience has come a long way since I was growing up and with time and technology, the experience keeps getting better and easier for families!

We were able to experience the Marcus Southbridge Crossing Cinema in Shakopee for our most recent family movie night.  My boys’ {ages 7 & 8} faces instantly lit up in amazement over how cool the lobby looked. This is probably the biggest theater we have been to, but everything was still easy to find!  

Timeless Memories Made on Family Movie Night | Twin Cities Moms Blog

It is such a relief that the days of coming to the movies not knowing if your showtime is already full or if you can even sit with your family on family movie night are gone. Marcus Southbridge Crossing has self-serve kiosks that allow you to pick your seats before you enter the theater. If you are like me and need that end seat in case you need to take someone out of the theater without distracting too many other moviegoers, no problem!

Another convenient thing Marcus Theatres offers is the ability to buy your seats online ahead of time for just a small convenience fee. You present your email confirmation to the ticket desk attendant and you are all set to go! If you are a Magical Movie Rewards Member, you also will have that convenience fee waived at checkout. 

We find being Magical Movie Rewards members so beneficial!  They truly value their customers with all their offers… our favorite is to come on Tuesdays for $5 tickets and complementary popcorn for members. And the best part? It’s free to sign up!

Timeless Memories Made on Family Movie Night | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Speaking of popcorn and concessions, Marcus Southbridge Crossing has traditional concessions as well as a full-service restaurant called Take Five Lounge. It’s so great to be able to give the kids more than just popcorn to eat at meal time! If you have picky children like I do, you don’t have to worry if they will have something for your child to eat. They have a great variety for kids, as well as food and alcoholic beverages for the parents. We ordered a Zaffiro’s Express pizza before the movie. They made it to order perfectly for our family… cheese on the kid’s side and veggies on my side!

My boys were so excited that we could take our pizza and dine in the Take Five Lounge and they even got to watch a football game on their big screen in the dining area!  You also have the option to dine in your seat inside the theater, which is something we have yet to experience. The dining experience is very versatile and as a parent, you really appreciate the one stop shop for a full on family night. It is so easy and stress-free!

Timeless Memories Made on Family Movie Night | Twin Cities Moms Blog

The next stop on our experience was finding our way to our seats!  They were easy to find and I was impressed with the room in between each row. It made it so easy to move and walk up the aisles. My boys loved their awesome DreamLounger recliner seating and wished we had these at home. After a long day being a busy mom, it was nice to put my feet up and relax watching our movie. Our movie was shown on the UltraScreen DLX and the sound was impressive; making the experience even more perfect.  

Timeless Memories Made on Family Movie Night | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Another thing I was impressed with is how Marcus Southbridge Crossing is so family friendly. Their staff was very friendly and courteous. I also enjoy how they cater to families throughout the year. One of our favorite things to take advantage of is the Value programs, which include $5 tickets on Tuesdays and $6 Student ticket Thursdays. It’s a great way to experience a budget-friendly family night!

Something fun for the holidays to put on your radar: they will be showing family holiday movie classics for $5 at the end of November through mid-December! We will definitely be coming back for the “Home Alone” showing, which is our family’s favorite holiday movie.

They also show various classic movies at other times throughout the year, which includes the Kids Dream Family Film Series featuring $3 movies.  If you need an easy birthday party option, they also have you covered! They really display their offers and promotions really well with nice bold signing and with brochures I can take home and hang on the fridge, which I appreciate so I remember all the ways our family can enjoy the theatre.

Timeless Memories Made on Family Movie Night | Twin Cities Moms Blog

We had a wonderful night at the movies.  While the experience is way different from the past, the one thing that has remained a constant throughout the years is those cherished memories made with your family. 

With six theatres throughout the Twin Cities, make sure to check out MarcusTheatres.com to find the location nearest you!

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