The List: Binge-Worthy Shows for Mamas

I don’t know about you, but these past six months have been my time to catch up and explore new binge-worthy shows. Sometimes, I feel like I need a break from reality and watching adventure, romance, and other people’s lives have been my escape from the chaos of kids and staying at home.

Quick disclaimer: I’m not talking about shows to watch with your kids, so if you are looking for that kind of post, it’s not this one!… I’m talking about mama’s escape from the real world in shows that you can’t just stop at one episode!

I’ve done my research, looked at trending shows, and created my list. With so many deals on different streaming apps, ability to DVR if you have cable or satellite, the options are endless, but there are a few common themes I’ve uncovered these past months that I’ve really enjoyed. No matter what genre you enjoy, there is something for every mama and don’t feel guilty for wanting to enjoy it by yourself!

The List: Binge-Worthy Shows for Mamas | Twin Cities Mom Collective

My husband and I enjoy different styles of shows and movies, so don’t be surprised to see us in separate rooms watching our own binges. Every once in awhile, we’ll enjoy the same show and binge together, but many times we are both enjoying the time alone while doing our own thing in different areas of the house. I’m secretly an introvert (some of my friends would try to debate that with me) and need that time to myself to re-energize and with travel for work non-existent and trips cancelled or postponed, I’m finding different ways to enjoy things within the comfort of my own home.

Believe me, the choices are endless and we have access to quite a few streaming platforms and have been able to enjoy almost everything I’m into these days. So here it is: My official Binge-Worthy List of Shows for Mamas.


If you’re a Netflix person, there are endless options to meet your pleasure. It’s hard to choose just a few, but I enjoyed all these shows in the past year and trust me, once you start, it will be hard to stop! I have spent many late hours getting in one more episode and before I know it, I just finished a season in a matter of days. Best thing about Netflix is no waiting for the next episode of the season! Here are some of my top binge-worthy shows:

Dead to Me
How to Get Away with Murder
Dear White People


If you are a Hulu subscriber, here are a few I know that trend as binge-worthy. Some will have full seasons ready and others will be released each week. To really go for it, wait until the full season is complete to get your fix in (if you can wait).

Handmaid’s Tale
Little Fires Everywhere


HBO has some great shows that fall into the binge-worthy category. Get your binge on catching up on past seasons. I’ll admit, once you do catch up, the suspense having to go back to waiting each week is not my cup of tea. I tend to wait (if I can) when the season is completed and try to enjoy the whole season before they disappear for awhile.

Big Little Lies
Game of Thrones
Lovecraft Country

The List: Binge-Worthy Shows for Mamas | Twin Cities Mom Collective

Reality TV

Reality TV can be crazy and surreal. Who really lives like that? Or I find myself thinking, is that actually real life? There have been a couple of Netflix series I have enjoyed because the full seasons are available on release and the storylines… I can’t get enough of. Here are a couple of series I’ve enjoyed during quarantine.

Love is Blind
Selling Sunset

K – Drama (Korean Drama)

Growing up, my grandma would watch a lot of Chinese (subtitled in Vietnamese) or Vietnamese dramas (soap operas) with me. Even though I had to read to understand most of it, I got hooked on the storylines with her every time. When I got to college, I had a Korean roommate who watched the Korean version of soap operas, aka K-dramas, and we’d have a group binge-watching weekend with our friends. I recently got hooked again on the K-drama craze and I can’t get enough. There’s an ongoing rotation of different shows on Netflix that once I started, I couldn’t stop! Just like American soap operas, some of the storylines are outlandish with different worlds, ghosts, and character connections that you feel like can’t happen in real life, but that is the draw for me with this genre. I can also count it as reading with subtitles, right? My top favorites so far are:

Crash Landing on You
Hi, Bye, Mama
The King, Eternal Monarch
It’s Okay to not be Okay

Ultimately, no matter what type of show you are into, you can find a binge-worthy show that meets your liking. Now let’s sit back, relax and let the shows roll! Oh! And I’m always looking for a new show to watch, so what are your recommended binge-worthy shows I need to watch?

Aimee is considered first generation, born and raised right in Minnesota made possible by her parents who are Vietnamese refugees. She is married to her husband Paul and they have four handsome boys - Davis (2010), twin boys, Miles and Quincy (2012), and Jones (2019). Aimee works as a Relationship Manager for her day job, has a love for delicious food, and is always ready for the next adventure with her little family. Follow Aimee and her family through Instagram Pinterest Facebook


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