The Last Kindergartener

The Last Kindergartener | Twin Cities Moms Blog

The time is coming soon when I send you off to your first day of school, The Last Kindergartener.

While I know already you are excited for a new school and a new adventure, I on the other hand have so many emotions running though my mind and heart. The end of an era is approaching and I’m not sure if I’m ready for it.

I have savored this last summer with you, The Last Kindergartener, and it brings me back when you were born five years ago in the summer time. I still remember looking at your sweet face while I was taking our journey with you day by day, not knowing if we’d even ever get here; let alone I really didn’t think we would be here that quick. How did five years go by so fast? How did my 10 years of motherhood go by so fast? I guess time goes by fast when you are raising three wild boys and in all the beautiful chaos, time slips by unnoticed.

The Last Kindergartener | Twin Cities Moms Blog

The Last Kindergartener, while this new era while focused on you, has also brought to light that I will not be the person you see the most everyday. It won’t be you and me heading to the library a few times a week.  Your teachers will bring you now, and you’ll have a new librarian to help you pick out a book. We won’t have picnics for lunch or take our foodie photos at new restaurants. I know you’ll charm the school lunch staff with your killer smile. I’ll send your favorite lunches in your new lunch box you picked out. We won’t cuddle and lay together and rest after lunch anymore. You’ll relax at school with your class, on your Ninja Turtles towel we’ll send to school with you. We won’t be headed to open gym anymore. You’ll have gym at school now and can show everyone how coordinated you are and how you can pretty much throw a strike every single time. Remember to only throw a ball at people who are looking! It won’t be me you’ll look for in this new place – you’ll have teachers, paras and staff that will get to know you and love you just like how everyone seems to fall in love with you.

While I am basking in the sea of sadness the more I think about how you, my last child, is growing up, I also know when something ends, something else can begin. Something new can bloom and be even more beautiful than you ever dreamed.

The Last Kindergartener | Twin Cities Moms Blog

The Last Kindergartener, you have opened a new era for me on your new journey. A new stage of motherhood that I will tiptoe into. A new stage of motherhood, I have dreamt about. A new stage of motherhood that will be quiet. A new stage of motherhood that will bring a new routine. A new stage of motherhood where it will be more of me. A new stage of motherhood that will be unknown, but one that I am seeking.

Let’s go Last Kindergartner. Let’s leap right in together, hand in hand and heart in heart.

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