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The Benefits of Big Body Play

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If you’ve spent any time around young children, you’ve probably noticed that they’re almost always moving: running, jumping, climbing, rolling, wrestling, and grabbing. This is known as big-body play, and it is integral to not only physical development but social-emotional and cognitive growth as well. 

Continue reading to learn about big-body play, or schedule a tour at a Kinderberry Hill near you to see big-body play in action!

The Benefits of Big Body Play

Big body play helps children learn body awareness, like how fast their bodies can move and how strong they are. To be successful in this type of play, children must learn to control their movements to avoid hurting themselves or others. Children quickly understand if they are heavier or stronger, and they learn how to adjust so both parties are safe. These experiences help children understand appropriate force in daily situations, such as playing tag, giving a hug, or holding a flower.

Social development grows as children learn to take turns, cooperate, and compromise. For example, even though a child may be stronger than their peers, they should still take a turn being wrestled and “captured” for play to be enjoyed by all. This helps children think about another’s perspective.

Assertiveness is another benefit that comes from this play. Children may need to let peers know if the play has become too loud or gone on too long. Learning to set limits in this way can build confidence. As loud as big play can be, it can actually support focus and calm later in the day, strengthening attention and concentration.

Incorporating Big Body Play

Do you want to incorporate more big-body play into your child’s daily routine? It’s easy! Try the monkey bars at the park, play tag, or roll down the hill. If you’re inside, make an obstacle course, play ‘the floor is lava’, or do the hokey pokey. Get the whole family moving in big-body play together!

How Kinderberry Hill Supports Big Body Play

Children at Kinderberry Hill regularly enjoy big-body play in our playrooms and on our playgrounds. These spaces are full of toys to push, pull, ride, scoot, throw, and climb. Our Certified Nature Explore Outdoor Classrooms are also designed with big-body play in mind. They offer tons of physical opportunities for children to create, build, and play, using milk crates, sleds, wagons, wheelbarrows, shovels, logs, and tubes.

We love seeing how much children are learning about themselves and others through big-body play at Kinderberry Hill. We also love to see our teachers actively engaging in their play!

At Kinderberry Hill, we provide children with the very best start. Our innovative and unique approach to childcare will help your child learn, grow, and thrive. Learn more about our unique advantages and schedule a tour today!

Kinderberry Hill is Hiring

Looking for a new job? Kinderberry Hill is hiring! Visit our careers page to learn more about our benefits, including employer-sponsored health insurance, 401(k), PTO, and a generous childcare discount.

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