That Cute Little Nose Ring!


I have had my nose pierced for over 15 years. It’s been a simple tiny stud, a small diamond and now a hoop. It is something I have always enjoyed, not once have I regretted it. It’s me and it’s who I am. 

Over the years I have been complimented and questioned about it. People have asked things like, “Did it hurt?” and “How do you know which side to pick?” or “Where did you go?” “I would love to do that, but I am not sure I would look good with one.”

My response has always been the same. No, it did not hurt. Yes, it takes some time to heal. I just asked the artist which side would look better. I can give you the name of some safe and clean places. It’s not for everyone. If you make the choice to get the piercing, do it for you.  

Our world is filled with so many unique and beautiful people. What moves and motivates us to make changes to our body and image is different for everyone. Piercings and tattoos are exclusive to the person who is wearing the art. It should not come with a judgment of who the person is. But should come with love and acceptance for that individual for being bold and being themselves. 

So GIRL embrace you! If that is your vibe, get that piercing or the tattoo you have always wanted. You will and always will be beautiful!

Lots of Love from one MaMa to another MaMa.

Helpful Tips And Places To Go:

The Aloha Monkey (Tattoo & Piercing) Burnsville, MN

Anchors End (Tattoo & Piercing) Hudson, WI

Leviticus (Tattoo & Piercing) Minneapolis, MN

Make sure you call ahead and schedule an appointment. You can ask for a male or female artist.  Calling ahead also gives you time to ask the questions you may have. Ask to see the clean implements being used for your service. Do they wear gloves? What will they clean your piercing/tattoo with? How should you care for your piercing or tattoo once you leave?

Good Luck! 

Janna Murphy
Hi Friends, I am Janna Murphy mommy to 3 beautiful little humans! Wife to my best friend Hudson. We live in Lakeville GO PANTHERS. I am a people person and love to talk. The things that make me happy are a great cup of coffee, books, magazines, music, gardening, working out crafting and my family. I have the pleasure of staying home with my kids. I run a small business on the side that gives back to local schools and shelters. I enjoy sharing parts of my crazy world with others.


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