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A Mom’s Guide to Target’s Cartwheel App

A Mom's Guide to Target's Cartwheel App | Twin Cities Moms Blog

As a Twin Cities mom, it is nearly impossible to not be a Target fanatic as there is a Target store about every five miles in the Twin Cities area. If you love Target as much as I do, or if it’s one of your main places to shop, you should be utilizing one of their best savings platforms, the mobile coupon app, Cartwheel.

Target’s Cartwheel app was made for mobile users, but you don’t have to have a smartphone to access these savings. On your home computer or tablet, go to Cartwheel.Target.com to sign up and have your own unique barcode created. This mobile couponing app, available on IOS and Android, has saved Target customers over 521 million dollars since its launch! Cartwheel allows the customer to choose, scan and save on everyday items all throughout the store.

There have been several iterations since launching the app in 2013, but I’m here to give you some simple tips to navigate and save on every Target run.

  1. New offers are released every week on Sunday. But make sure you check daily for any special offers. There are often limited time and high value percentage off offers that you won’t want to miss!A Mom's Guide to Target's Cartwheel App | Twin Cities Moms Blog
  2. The more you use the app, the more ‘badges’ you will unlock. By doing so, you are able to access more offer spots/coupons to add to your list and save.A Mom's Guide to Target's Cartwheel App | Twin Cities Moms Blog
  3. Your Cartwheel savings can be used in addition to Target store coupons (found on Target.com or the Target mobile app), manufacturer’s coupons and Target’s own RedCard 5% savings.
  4. Print off your barcode and either tape it to your RedCard or laminate it for safekeeping. This way there is no forgetting to use it, and it’s also a reliable backup in case your mobile network isn’t working in the store or your battery is about to die. Trust me, I’ve been there. Please learn from my mistake.
  5. I like to browse the offers daily by ‘Newest’ so I can stay on top of the available deals (nerd alert, I know). This saves a lot of time when in the store because my Cartwheel cart is ready to go!
    -Open the app > click Offers > Categories > All
    -There is a dropdown on the right hand side that will give you a sorting preference for browsing. But default is by newest.A Mom's Guide to Target's Cartwheel App | Twin Cities Moms Blog
  1. Score extra savings by checking what may already be on sale.
    -Open the app > Click offers > Collections > Hot Deals or Weekly AdA Mom's Guide to Target's Cartwheel App | Twin Cities Moms Blog
  1. Take advantage of the high percentage offers (high being 20-50%). Use these to stock up on things you would be buying every week for additional savings, treat yourself to something you may not have otherwise purchased, or be able to buy brand name items at equal to or less than store brand prices!
    -Eggs, toilet paper, juice boxes, applesauce pouches, organic or kids snacks, chips, CDs, DVDs and clothes for the family!A Mom's Guide to Target's Cartwheel App | Twin Cities Moms Blog


8. If you have the latest version of the app, there is a new feature in which it will give you the aisle location of each item in your cart/list.

Open app >> My List tab >> My store >> edit to the Target store of your preference!
This feature can be a time savor if you, like myself, plan out the route of your shopping trip! Great especially if young children are in tow with you!


When you first start using Cartwheel, you may find yourself feeling discouraged – don’t! I like to think in terms of whole trip savings instead of per item savings – it’s a rush! As you hone your Cartwheeling skills, as I did, it won’t be uncommon for you to starting saving an average of $10 or more per trip. So go, grab your smartphone or barcode printout paired with a REDcard and various coupons on your way to your nearest Target location and start saving today!

Lauren Kleiner is a proud boymom to (almost!) three little guys. You can find her with a Diet Coke in hand or at the nearest Target… or both. She is a self-proclaimed Target fanatic and a local bargain hunter. Follow her on Instagram to see her latest finds!

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Kate June 30, 2016 at 12:42 PM

Great tips!! <3

Layne July 6, 2016 at 8:52 PM

I love the cartwheel app. I also pair it with Ibotta and try to get even more savings. I never knew how much I was truly over spending until I became obsessed with saving with these apps. My husband laughs as he thinks it makes me buy products I wouldn’t usually buy but heck at least I got money back!! Lol. Thanks for posting!


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