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15 Fun Summer Activities for Toddlers

What are your favorite summer activities for toddlers? We’ve got you covered!

Summer is finally here and I’m so excited to get my toddlers outdoors.  With having a two and three year old, we’re in that weird phase where they are no longer easily entertained by mundane activities but are also too young to enjoy older kids activities.

I found that our sweet spot for keeping our young toddlers entertained this summer is outdoor activities that include a lot of sensory play and of course, playgrounds. Here is a list of our favorite things that we are doing this summer.  You know what’s even better? Most of these activities are low cost or even free!

  1. Blow Bubbles: We bought a few types of bubble activities including classic bubble wands and hand held electronic bubbles which my two year old loves.
  2. DIY Sandbox: Creating your own sandbox can be really simple.  We bought a plastic pool, purchased playground sand at home depot and filled the sandbox with sand toys for fun sensory play.
  3. Summer photo challenge: Take photos of summer related activities over the next few months to capture great memories of the summer.
  4. Find a local park: Minnesota has some of the greatest parks and my goal is to visit as many as possible. Use the local guide to find some parks near you.
  5. Visit a splash pad: As the days are getting hotter (let’s not complain, Minnesotans), a great way to cool off with your toddlers is to take them to a splash pad.  You can use this guide to find a splash pad near you.
  6. Take a trip to the zoo: Go to the Minnesota zoo or Como Park. Your toddlers will love seeing all of the animals.
  7. Visit a library: I’ve always loved summer reading lists and I’m hoping to past that down to my kids.  Check out your local library and pick up some picture books to read to your kids.  Some libraries also starting to do reading programs again.
  8. Go to the farmers market: You can make this educational by talking pointing out the different fruit and veggies.  We also have a local guide to help you find a farmer’s market near you.
  9. Go to the children’s museum: On the days that it’s too hot to be outside, go visit the Children’s Museum and let your kids burn off all of that energy!
  10. Play in the sprinklers: Make your own splash pad at home by turning on the sprinklers and letting your kids run wild
  11. Water table play: Our kids love water play.  We bought a water table and toys to play with which keeps them occupied for a long time.
  12. Go on a picnic: Pack a quick picnic basket and eat outdoors either in your backyard or at a park.
  13. Play with sidewalk chalk: Help your kids enhance their creativity skills by using outdoor chalk.  If your toddlers already love coloring this will be a hit.
  14. Visit an ice cream shop: There are so many ice cream shops in Minnesota to choose from.  Check out this guide to find one.
  15. Plant a garden: Me and my family plant a garden every year and it’s really fun getting the kids involved with planting and watering the garden.

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