Spring Nature Hunt

Spring Nature Hunt | Twin Cities Moms Blog

When Spring comes in Minnesota, most of us feel the urge to get outside, to let the kids play in the warm sunshine and cool breeze, to allow them exploration of someplace other than our basements. Each new Spring, our kids are a little older, and we may find ourselves eager to provide a new outdoor activity.

This is one of my favorites. Probably because it’s so simple and packs so many science and art lessons in with it.

Spring Nature Hunt

Step 1

Gather supplies. You will need:

  • One egg carton per child
  • Paint (I use whatever I have on hand – some finger paint, poster paint and fabric paint. It all works!)
  • Paintbrushes

Spring Nature Hunt | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Step 2

Have your kids paint the inside of each egg holder a different color. Keep in mind, these are the colors of nature they will be looking for outside. For younger kids, I would help them get the paint inside each holder and sometimes I would also cut the carton in half. For older kids, I encouraged them to try color mixing for various shades of one color. This adds more challenge to the Nature Hunt and also makes a great lesson in science and color mixing. Wait for egg carton to dry.

Spring Nature Hunt | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Step 3

Take your cartons outside and start hunting for small pieces of nature that match each color. It can be anything – feathers, bark, dirt, leaves, grass, flowers, stones, etc. A lot of great conversation come up. Why do we see more browns and greens in early Spring? Where is all the hot pink? Should a boxwood leaf go in this shade of green or another? Encourage kids to slow down and look for tiny things. By looking and digging carefully, they are likely to find so many colors!

Spring Nature Hunt | Twin Cities Moms Blog   Spring Nature Hunt | Twin Cities Moms Blog

This is a great activity if you emptied out egg cartons for dying Easter eggs, or if you are having a group of kids over for a party or playdate. I think it would also be a fun family activity to have kids do together on a beautiful day.

Nichole is married to Joel and mom to Lola. A former Kindergarten teacher and now stay at home mom, you can often find Nichole taking Lola for a jog, making coffee for her MOPS group or trying out a new Minneapolis restaurant. Nichole loves any excuse to gather loved ones.


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