Simple Homemade Play Dough

Homemade Play Dough | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Does your kiddo love this stuff as much as mine?  She begs for me to bring it out on a daily basis and it makes for the best rainy day activity.  I have always loved the play dough they use at our ECFE school….it’s the softest, squishiest, best-for-rolling play dough ever…and they were kind enough to share the recipe with me.  Making your own play dough is so incredibly simple and inexpensive, and I love getting my 2 year old daughter, Georgia, involved.  I always feel so good about showing her how to work to get what she wants and an activity as simple as making our own play dough is a great way to do that.  So break out the cookie cutters and rolling pins…your littles will be entertained for hours!

Homemade Play Dough | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Simple Homemade Play Dough

Notes:  This recipe makes a ton of dough…I typically make four different colors out of each batch.


4 Cups All Purpose Flour

2 Cups Salt

1 (1.5 ounce) Container Cream of Tartar

4 3/4 Cups Hot Tap Water

1/2 Cup + 1 Tablespoon Vegetable or Canola Oil

Food Coloring, to liking


In a large pot stir together the flour, salt and cream of tartar.  Add the water and oil and cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, for about 5 minutes.   Continue to stir until it comes away from the pan and begins to form a ball (it will be lumpy).  Spoon play dough onto a lightly floured surface and knead with your hands for 2 minutes or until there are no longer lumps and dough is soft and can easily squish through your fingers..  Place in a plastic bag to store.

If you are only making one color:  Add the food coloring to the pot with the water and oil

If you are making multiple colors:  After the dough forms a ball, divide it among separate bowls.  Drip a different color into each bowl and stir with a spoon until the color begins to blend, about 1 minute.  Place on the lightly floured surface and knead with your hands to throughly blend the color.

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