Sharing Kindness This Summer

Our partners at New Horizon Academy share how you can talk to your kids about kindness this summer and actionable ways they can display kindness to the people around them.

Sharing Kindness This Summer | Twin Cities Mom Collective

It’s summer! And summertime means a more relaxed schedule with more time to focus on certain things, such as acts of kindness. Our friends at Doing Good Together have created the perfect bucket lists to help you kick off your summer of kindness. These easily printable lists are full of fun, hands-on, kindness activities that your family can participate in throughout the summer. Check out their two separate lists featuring creative service projects for the whole family with room to add your own fun ideas too!

Why start your summer with a kindness bucket list?

  1. Adds to Summer Plans

Most ideas on the list can be tied to plans you have already made, such as bonfires, garage sales, and MORE!

  1. Creates New Ideas for the Family

You can use these tips to serve as a starting point by helping your family brainstorm unique ideas.

  1. Creative Options

This bucket list is a menu full of multiple choices, not a pile of must-dos.

  1. Good Intentions

We can assume everyone is going into summer with good intentions, but summer time tends to get busy, and everyone has obligations to tend to. This list will help incorporate acts of kindness on top of those busy schedules!

Whether your family is new to the scene or more experienced, these bucket lists have something for everyone. From creative projects to partaking in service activities, your family will enjoy finding ways to spread kindness.

In experiencing these activities, we suggest providing time for self-reflection and self-discovery, helping your child understand the importance of what they are doing and how this will benefit the community. Then, as the summer ends, be sure to review these reflection questions provided by Doing Good Together.

As you complete each activity, ask:

  1. How would you feel if someone shared this act of kindness with you?
  2. Would you try a certain project again? If so, what would you do differently?
  3. Is there a task on the list you aren’t looking forward to completing? What could we do instead?
  4. What are some other ways we could share kindness every day?

Print out your own summer bucket list below!

Sharing Kindness this Summer | Twin Cities Mom Collective

Sharing Kindness this Summer | Twin Cities Mom Collective


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