Seduced by the Mom Jeans

When high-waist jeans came back into style, my first thought was, “No freaking way.” I’ve seen the photos of my mom and her sisters from the early ‘90’s. The tucked-in shirts, the unflattering behinds, the zippers that went on for days. No wonder my mom eyed the one-inch long zippers of my high school days with suspicion.

I’m comfortable with a mid-rise. I don’t care to go back to the low-rise, micro-zippers from my high school and college days, but a mid-rise? Yes, please. They hold in my not-quite-so-tight tummy and rest comfortably above my c-section scar. Cropped shirts are apparently back, too, and with my mid-rise jeans, well, I can hold my own in some of those cropped styles. No problem. See how fashion-forward I am?

Never a high-rise though. The horror. I swore them off on principle.

I’m sure you know how this story ends: I was seduced by the mom jeans.

Seduced by the Mom Jeans | Twin Cities Moms Blog

It was the softness of the denim that first drew me in. I didn’t know they were high waist at first, as I was looking through the rack. By the time I realized what I had done, it was too late. The material felt as worn and comfortable as a pair of sweatpants. I grabbed the hanger and headed to the dressing room. Surely it couldn’t hurt to try them on.

Then it was the fit. I don’t know if it’s because of the high-rise waist or if they just really do fit me that well, but there is no gapping at the waist. And the length? Perfect.

I crept out of the dressing room and stood in the store, out in the open, where anyone could see me. I was certain I looked ridiculous. I looked at them in the three-way mirror from all angles.

Actually…they weren’t bad.

I tucked the front of my shirt in the waistband. The half-tuck. Surely I could save myself. There was no way they would look good now.

Nope. Still fine.

I felt the same internal struggle as I did over our minivan purchase. The minivan. The mom jeans. The coffee, the wine, all the Target runs. Now I could do it all in my minivan and my high-rise jeans. My brain began to rationalize.

I own plenty of high-waisted leggings. This really wasn’t any different, right? Even if they were made out of denim. And they were awfully comfortable. I could wear them out to dinner just as easily as playing with the kids on the floor. The cut has been updated from what it was 30 years ago. I mean, honestly. It’s not like I was wearing my mom’s bleached-out high-waisters from the year I was born. Right?

Those thoughts, combined with an extra 15% off denim that day, sealed the deal. I walked out of the door, half-pleased, half terrified of my purchase. They were mine.


Since that fateful day in the store, they’re my most-worn pair of jeans. Their comfort has held up, and they really do work for everything from grabbing drinks to making dinner to playing dinosaurs. Every now and then I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and feel like some sort of ‘80’s blast from the past (minus the scrunchie on my wrist, though I hear those are back, too).

I feel like I’ve leveled up (or down, depending on how you look at it). From Prius to minivan, two-piece to a one-piece, from the cheapest leggings I could find to investing in the tummy control. My Friday nights are more often spent cleaning up a dinner of chicken nuggets than grabbing drinks with friends.

I don’t even care. I’m digging these mom jeans, even rocking them, and everything that comes with it. Cheerio-strewn minivan and all.

Shannon is a writer, reader, Minnesota native, and Enneagram 1. She and her husband have always been overachievers so they kicked off this whole parenting thing by having three kids in two years. She believes firmly in the power of iced coffee, books, and pedicures. You can find her scribbling her thoughts on motherhood and life at and see her day-in-the-life chaos over on Instagram.


    • Hahaha it’s so true! I am so thankful I was a teenager and not a mom during the era of micro-zippers and cropped tees!


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