Screen Time + Eye Health: What Can We Do To Help Our Kids?

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Screen time.

This topic is a daily struggle in our home. We are constantly asking ourselves: how much is too much? How much is acceptable? How much time is she spending on screens when we are personally not with her {at school, the gym, church, etc.}? It all feels so overwhelming to gauge and to control – and my oldest is only 5 years old! 

My husband and I personally feel we are comfortable with her having some TV and iPad time at home. While our youngest naps, our oldest usually watches a couple shows and calls this her “rest time”. She also is allowed to play some educational games on her iPad throughout the day. We also usually watch a family show for about 30 minutes before bed. Our daughter also has access to an iPad in her school classroom as well as they have a cart of iPads at our gym child care facility that she can play while she is in their care. She is definitely exposed to a variety of screens, even if they are in small increments.

This will certainly be a topic we continue to address as she grows up, but it’s safe to say that she does have a moderate amount of screen time for her age, and with that does come some concerns: one being her eye health. According to Vision Source, “kids are becoming more tech-savvy each day, and that’s not going to change. 69% of kids’ screen time usage is unavoidable, but their eyes may suffer because of it.” It is hugely important to me that my daughter isn’t getting headaches, neck aches, dry eyes, or even blurred vision because of this seemingly inescapable exposure to screens. We are beginning to research our options as far as what we can do to help her.

EyePromise | Twin Cities Moms Blog

One thing we are considering is trying out a new product, the EyePromise Screen Shield Teen Vitamin™. It is a once-a-day flavored vitamin that helps support vision with a key ingredient: Zeaxanthin (zee-uh-zan-thin). This is a potent nutrient that acts as a powerful barrier between our source of vision in the back of the eye and harmful oxidants that can damage our long-term vision. This nutrient can also protect vision from the effects screen time can have on your kids’ vision.

As I read more about this, I was interested to discover that we’re all born with certain levels of Zeaxanthin, but the body cannot produce it on its own – which means we have to eat foods that contain this nutrient or take eye vitamins that do. This caused me to further consider choosing the vitamin for my daughter, as it is an additional supplement her system actually really needs.

Before my kids take any medications or supplements, ingredients are crucial to me. I was pleased to find that the EyePromise Screen Shield Teen Vitamin contains 100% natural zeaxanthin, is GMO-free, gluten-free, pharmaceutical-grade, contains the highest-quality ingredients, and is manufactured to the exacting standards of the FDA current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) requirements. I feel much more confident having my child take this vitamin knowing what high-quality ingredients it has!

We are considering adding EyePromise Screen Shield Teen Vitamin to our daughter’s vitamin regimen – which currently is just a once-a-day multivitamin. Don’t worry about doubling up if your child also takes a multivitamin – EyePromise Screen Shield Teen Vitamin is meant to be taken alongside it.

It feels like technology will always play a part in our parenting – whether for better or for worse. What ways do you manage screen time in your home?  

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