Resources for You and Your Babysitter

In my house, I love to say that “teamwork makes the dream work.”  Have I already said this out loud to all of you yet?  I love this saying so much that I can’t remember if it’s been used in this space already or not.  I use this phrase when asking my husband for extra help so as not to appear as though I’m nagging.  And I also say it as an informal way to thank that small village that surrounds our family with help and support.

This summer our boys have the pleasure of staying home with one of those key members of this village, our nanny, Amanda.  She has been with our family during different stages and started caring for our boys on and off when they were just 13 months old.  So much has changed with us all since she was last with us, so I decided I needed an updated one-stop resource and cheat sheet to provide her.

Even if you don’t have full-time care in your home, I highly recommend downloading and completing one of these free printables.  Tape it to an inside kitchen cupboard door so on the next date night, you can get out of the house faster and leave your babysitter better prepared.

The little details make a big difference.  For example, can your babysitter give someone directions to your house?  What about TV instructions – do they know how to go between cable and Netflix?  What kind of shows are acceptable (no Spongebob please!).

When a nanny or a babysitter is in our home, I want them to feel at home, and throwing out all of these details in the 5 minutes before we run out the door can certainly be overwhelming for all of those involved.  Take the time ahead of time to write out these details (using the FREE printable below) as it’s sure to help with what I refer to as the “changing of the guard” (aka transistion between parents to babysitter).  What other tips do you have for keeping your caregivers informed and up-to-speed on your family and home?


Resources for You and Your Babysitter | Twin Cities Moms Blog


Resources for You and Your Babysitter | Twin Cities Moms Blog



Alissa is a full-time working mama proud to call good ole Saint Paul her home with her husband Chris, twin sons Alexander and Benjamin, and Emmie their very large, but very friendly Goldendoodle. Though she considers herself a newbie to the blog scene, she hopes to provide a M.O.M. {mom of multiples} perspective and is excited to document the daily battles and terrific triumphs of raising twin boys.


  1. Hey Alissa! I have the pleasure of knowing your nanny. Her and I connected through the nanny loop in 2009, and she’s been such a thoughtful, supportive friend ever since. You are definitely so lucky to have her (of course you know that!). Love your saying too!


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