Provider Appreciation Day: A Special Note of Thanks to All the Daycare Providers

Provider Appreciation Day: A Special Note of Thanks to All the Daycare Providers | Twin Cities Moms BlogIt takes a very special person with a big heart to be a daycare provider. Daycare providers work long hours and switch between multiple jobs throughout the day such as teacher, nurturer, nose wiper, disciplinarian, butt wiper, cook, cleaner, baby whisperer, doing paperwork… the list could go on and on. The thing that always amazes me is that they do it all calmly, with a smile on their face, and are genuinely excited each day to welcome our children into their care.

Provider Appreciation Day: A Special Note of Thanks to All the Daycare Providers | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Before I had kids, I thought of daycare as just a place that my kids would go while I worked, but once our first daughter was born, I found out how completely wrong I was. Our daycare has been one of the most important decisions we have made for our kids. They are there 8-9 hours a day during the week and always come home full of stories about all the fun they had and tell us about the new things they have learned. We LOVE our daycare and they have become like family to us. Our kids wouldn’t be the same without the amazing daycare provider and assistants that pour their hearts into teaching, comforting, and nurturing them each day when we are not there. I no longer think of daycare as just a place for my kids to go, but rather a group of people who are helping us raise our kids to be smart, kind, compassionate little human beings and preparing them for the future.   

Provider Appreciation Day: A Special Note of Thanks to All the Daycare Providers | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Today is daycare appreciation day and we would like to celebrate with a few words of thanks for all the amazing providers out there!

  • Thank you for greeting us each morning with a smile on your face
  • Thank you for reassuring us that everything will be ok if our child is crying at drop off
  • Thank you for keeping our kids safe
  • Thank you for comforting our kids when they need it
  • Thank you for teaching our kids not only things like colors, ABC’s, and numbers, but also how to share, use manners, and how to build relationships with the other kids
  • Thank you for kissing their owies to make everything better when we aren’t there
  • Thank you for feeding them healthy meals to help them grow
  • Thank you for not only the encouragement you give to our kids, but to us parents as well
  • Thank you for having patience with our kids as they go through transitions, bad weeks, nap strikes, etc.
  • Thank you for the pictures and daily updates of how their day went
  • Thank you for all the crafts and little holiday gifts you create with them
  • Thank you for the open communication you encourage between parents and providers
  • Thank you for loving our kids like your own
  • Thank you for pushing our kids to do better, think harder, and be the best that they can be


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