Preschool Activity Exchange

I’ve never been the type to get into chain letters. In fact, anything along those lines normally has me running in fear: chain letters, friendship bread, daily encouragement notes, I have even been invited into a panty exchange. This is not my cup of tea. Don’t rely on me to keep up the “chain.” However, I was recently invited to participate in a Preschool Activity Bag Exchange. Did I just hear the word exchange? My gut response was of course no, but I’m glad I hesitated enough to hear the plan.

A friend of mine checked out a book from the library that was filled with activities geared toward preschool children. You could make each one individually by yourself, but it also was set up to facilitate an exchange between friends.

In the end, I said yes, along with 13 other fantastic families. My friend assigned each family their own specific activity. This worked out well. She knew I had a whole slew of fabric scraps and assigned that activity to me. The directions were clearly laid out, very specifically, to keep the whole group on the same page and to keep the final products neat and uniform. The creating was fairly simple, just a bit monotonous at times (which made me very thankful I only had to focus on one project). Because there were 13 families involved, I created 13 different bags of the same activity.  It was something we all got into; cutting, sorting, labeling and Husband even bought the baggies.

Preschool Activity Exchange | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Once all the families had finished their contributions, my friend collected the finished products and then distributed them. I now have 13 different preschool activities. Activities = brilliant learning and entertainment. I just sent Maxie off to Kindergarten (slight tear), so now Franny (almost 3) and I have full days alone together. This is the perfect solution for mother/daughter bonding…or some productive quiet play!

Preschool Activity Exchange | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Here is a photo of the book we used. Yeah, how amazing is that? Old school is where it’s at, and I loved it! But there are many resources available for this type of project. Simply searching “preschool activities” on Pinterest will supply you with more then enough material and resources. Start one in your community just in time for winter weather (did I just say winter? I’m sorry).

Preschool Activities In a Bag: Book 1     By:  Paula Reetz & Sherri MacLean

Preschool Activity Exchange | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Home is where the heart is…but really, home is where the party begins. Girlies rule in our household. Maxie is 5 and always has a marker or pen in her hand. And Franny is 2 and never slows down, unless to bow to an audience. Husband, of almost 10 years, is a pretty awesome type-A stud. The dog tries to help him pull some "manly" weight around the house, but can often be found wearing a tutu and a hair clip (Frank's a good sport). I'm a Twin Cities native through and through. Graduated as an Art Design major and continue to use my degree daily whether it's revamping our 70's home, spray painting a fabulous thrifted treasure, or completing a craft project (that often involves glitter) at the kitchen table with the girlies. Color and texture excite me and I'm addicted to mixing patterns. I accept anything that is free (much to Husband's chagrin) and can't resist a steal-of-a-deal treasure. It's so exciting to find the beauty in the mundane. I've trained my girlies to shout out garage sale signs while driving and we have a well worn path to our local Goodwill. We joined the White Stallion (minivan) club last year and sometimes my only conversations are with munchkins all day. I love motherhood, I embrace it thankfully and gratefully but I'm also still me. It's an interesting balance continuing to grow as a person, wife, child of God, designer, daughter, potential rock star, friend…all while wiping sticky fingerprints from the walls. God is good. Grace is good. My main philosophy: when in doubt, paint it.


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