Pregnancy in a Pandemic: Local Moms Discuss + A Unique Birth Center Walk Through

We're excited to share this new space with you in partnership with Regions Hospital. In the middle of a pandemic, tours of hospital spaces in the middle of a pandemic aren't an option and because of that, we are overjoyed to be able to offer this unique walk through of the new Regions Birth Center with you and give you an intimate view into the space where you'll meet your newest addition.

We recently had the chance to sit down with four local moms and a team of providers from Regions Hospital to really talk about what it’s like to be pregnant in a pandemic.

Our discussion ranged from baby’s safety to if your partner came come with you, if doula support is allowed right now (great news, it is!) and what is really looks like when you walk into the hospital to have a baby in the middle of COVID-19.

Truly, the best part was getting a rare chance to spend an hour with providers that work right inside the hospital’s birth center. Hearing their first person view and the reassurances they offered to moms that are expanding their families in a year that isn’t covered in the baby books was a gold mine of information, compassion and comfort.

In 2020, in person birth tours simply can’t happen, and because of that, we’re overjoyed to share this unique walk through of the new Regions Birth Center with you. From those that lead and run this center, and provide the care within it, we can’t wait for you to experience a personal glance into an incredible space thoughtfully designed for moms walking all kinds of birth experiences.


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