Potty Training Sticker Chart

Poop. It is never pleasant to deal with in a diaper, but I can tell you that it is much worse in little [girls] cotton undies.

Can someone tell me how I can possibly have a child who is old enough to be out of diapers!? We recently took the potty training plunge in our household. To be honest, I didn’t read any books to prepare for it. I asked a few people for some advice, but other than that, we’re just doing it in whatever way works for us as we go. So, if you’re looking for a step-by-step guide to potty training your toddler in two days, this isn’t the right post to read! Finley has been peeing on the potty for quite a few months now, but never regularly and always still wearing diapers. (You could say that it’s been because of my own laziness that we didn’t do this sooner.) That being said, she’s been very interested in the potty, and I can count on one hand how many pee accidents she’s had since we switched to undies. Poop though… Let’s just say we’re getting there.

Everyone has their method of potty training, but here’s what we’ve been doing…


Potty Training Sticker Chart | Twin Cities Moms Blog

A few weeks ago, I picked up a pack of cute undies with the days of the week on the butt, a handful of “prizes,” as well as various candies, and fun stickers (even poop ones for if she goes poopy!) to put on a “potty chart” — then we dove right in. It became evident that she is too smart for her own good when after going potty for the first time, she chose a Smarties candy, then proceeded to say she needed a sucker too; and when I told her she could get that if she goes potty, her response was, “Well, I just DID!” Duh, mom…

To make it fun for her, I designed and printed a simple “Potty Time” sticker chart, then added some washi tape to give it some flair (along with the stickers). She enjoyed choosing which sticker she wanted to put on it after going potty. (Although, I think she was more interested in the 7-inch bacon eraser she chose as a prize…) For anybody who is starting to potty train a child, here is a free download of the chart I created to use if you wish! Enjoy, and good luck in your potty training journey with your toddler! And if you have any tips on mastering #2 on the potty, please send them my way!

I have to go wash some poopy undies now.


Potty Training Sticker Chart | Twin Cities Moms Blog


  1. I am having the TOUGHEST time getting my daughter to poop on the potty. She’s got the pee thing down and wears underwear but has yet to poop in the potty with any consistency. She will go hide and poop in her playroom; she’ll be sitting and playing right next to me and poop; she’ll do it at the neighborhood park. We’ve thrown away so much underwear. We’ve tried rewards: M&Ms, sticker chart, prizes, praise, you name it. We’ve tried punishment for when she does it and outwardly lies: taking away a toy or something fun. I’ve tried not caring … just clean her up and let her be on her way. I’ve even showed her what her underwear looks like afterwards.
    I’m so beyond frustrated. When I clean her up, she says “I won’t do it again, Mommy … I love you mommy. It was an accident, mommy.” Breaks my heart but she’s so smart and she knows better.
    HELP!!!! Any advice would be great. Anything at all. I feel like we’ve tried it all and nothing works. People say “it will just click one day.” We’ve been trying for more than 7 months. In the meantime, I’m taking out stock on toddler underwear.

    • Have you read about encopresis? It’s a real disorder that sounds similar to what you may be dealing with. My daughter does this!


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