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Invitation to Play: Christmas Tree Playdough

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Doing things that are tactile is so good for our kids, especially in a season of life (hey 2020!) that has pushed our kids onto screens more than most of us might prefer. This is a great sensory activity that your kids can do over and over. Make it even more fun by making your own play dough. It definitely isn’t required and you can use store bought, but if you’d like to, we have a few of our favorite recipes at the bottom of this article.

Super simple activity, so get ready to earn another mom badge at the lowest of stress levels!

Grab your supplies:
  • Tree cookie cutters. You can stick with the tree alone or jazz it up by using other seasonal ornaments like snowmen or snowflakes.
  • craft supplies (use what you have on hand or if you’re making an order put these in your cart:
    • Use pony beads, broken ornaments, old necklaces, cut up pipe cleaners to decorate.

If you’re making the play dough from a recipe, start with that. You know your child best, so if they’re really generous with ingredients, we suggest mom does the food coloring and let the kiddos mix it in.

Have your kids press out a flat circle, then cut their shapes out.
Decorating is pretty self-explanatory! Let their creativity soar and see what they come up with!

The best part of this recipe is that you can deconstruct and redo over and over.

Pro-mom-tip: Use a baking tray for this activity to keep beads and other craft supplies from rolling onto the floor. Add a couple bowls for sorting different pieces and you can officially call it math. Have fun!

Check out these great homemade playdough recipes:

Recipe from The Artful Parent [Jean Van’t Hul] 
Click here for recipe for No-Cook Playdough
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