Plan Your Next Vacation with The Family Backpack

Our partners at The Family Backpack are here to tell you all about their incredible travel resource site! See how you can take the stress out of your next family vacation by using their tips, tricks, and tools to save you time and money when planning your next adventure!

Family Backpack | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Let’s face it. Traveling with kids can be a nightmare. What you envision as a magical experience can quickly go up in flames… not to mention all the preparation, planning, and researching that goes into the vacation before it even begins! We all want to give our children the experience of seeing the world, however, sometimes thinking about planning a getaway can become so daunting that we simply take it off our priority list.

Enter The Family Backpack – a comprehensive travel site that takes content from only the best travel blogs and combines them into one, all-encompassing website! Started by Andrea Khan, a mom herself to three children, The Family Backpack allows you to simply choose your destination – whether domestic or international – and search by continent for information. You can quickly have everything from restaurants, family-friendly activities, local landmarks, and more at your fingertips! 

Family Backpack | Twin Cities Moms Blog

The Family Backpack idea was born after Andrea realized that prior to each trip, she spent endless hours on the internet researching things to do in different destinations, trying to find family-friendly packing lists and articles on whether to take the stroller or not. She thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a website that took the best of the family travel articles and compiled them on one website?”

She LOVED to travel and always had. She married a guy who also loved to travel and they have traveled to many places together including Canada, Florida, Spain, Cuba, California, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Turkey, and St. Martin with their kids. When her children were young, she realized that traveling with kids did not have to be constrained to Disney and waterparks – although those are fun trips, too – but that they could go anywhere and, in doing so, they showed them sides of travel they would have completely missed as adults. 

Family Backpack | Twin Cities Moms Blog

After realizing this, she made it her goal to create an online guide helping families plan vacations from international travel to road trips in the United States while also providing insight and tips once the vacation has been planned. She wanted to take the best of the best family travel blog posts and compile them on one easy-to-search site – and thus, her site was born.  

Visit The Family Backpack for yourself and check out their travel resources including:

  •  Travel inspiration- everything from bucket lists, planning tips, personal stories, and more. By browsing through these resources, you are sure to find a destination that catches your eye!
  • Travel tips- The Family Backpack provides you with tips to traveling with babies and toddlers, to apps and gadgets to keep your kiddos entertained, to how to keep your family comfortable on your flight. They have specific things to keep in mind for international travel and even how to deal with allergies, bedbugs, and illness when traveling! Their packing lists are also a complete goldmine – simply print and check your list off as you fill up your suitcase!
  • Education resources- learn how to engage your children and family in the culture of the city you’re visiting. They have everything from activities and games to photography tips and language lessons! These resources will help you to get the most out of your travel experience easily and affordably!

We love this example of how one mom combined her passion and her talent to build her own business and in return, has helped countless other moms plan their own family vacations! When you sit down to plan your next adventure, be sure to check out this incredible resource!


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