Pampered Pregnancy: 10 Ways To Treat Yo’self

Ahhh, the dewy glow of pregnancy. It’s a lovely look on a woman, is it not? Except for when that dewy glow is actually just code for a greasy face from all those extra hormones. I think no matter what stage a woman is in, a girl can always benefit from a little pampering – but while pregnant? It sure seems to me like that’s when she truly deserves it. (Although my husband would tell you I may be able to justify a well-deserved pampering, any day, any time.)

I’m on my second pregnancy and just getting into my third trimester, which means the pampering game is in full swing. As my belly (and thighs, butt, legs – heck, everything but my neck – and even that’s questionable) gets larger, I’ve found a few ways to indulge a little and treat myself to ease the transition. And here’s how you can get a little pampering pick-me up as well. (Pregnant or not.)Pampered Pregnancy: 10 Ways To Treat Yo'self | Twin Cities Moms Blog

  1. Flowers: While I love it when my husband surprises me with a bouquet of flowers, I think he’d be the first to admit that they’re few and far between these days. I’ve finally come to terms with it and now have no problem picking up a $5 bouquet from Trader Joe’s now and then. Stick ’em right where you spend the most time each day and soak up their happiness.
  2. Latte: A big, fancy latte can do a lot for a sour mood. While I like to stick to coffee and a bit of milk on the reg, a loaded up latte is one of my favorite indulgences. Literally – just the idea that I’ll be getting a fancy drink in morning perks me up – I don’t even have to drink it and it makes me happy. Now that’s powerful.
  3. Pedi/Mani: The classic pampering event. At some point near the end of your pregnancy, you won’t even be able to touch your toes, so a pedi, whether at a salon or by your husband, is pretty much a pampering requirement.
  4. Target – ALONE: If you have another baby running around your legs already, you know what a luxury this is. But even pre-kids, I loved walking the aisles of Target, latte in hand and taking as much time as I wanted to touch all the pillows, smell candles, test nail polish and try on shoes. Target with no time limits is incredibly therapeutic.
  5. Date night out: Any veteran mom will tell you how date nights out become a thing of the past after that baby arrives. So schedule a few special date nights out before that new bebe comes because after – it’s all take out and RedBox.
  6. New underwear: While you may just be simply needing new underwear, as let’s be honest, much more than just your belly grows in pregnancy, try to view it as a positive thing.
  7. New hair style: Play up that luxurious prenatal hair and get to a salon for a new hair style – or simply get a blow out. I don’t know about you, but I loooove having people play with my hair, and so a hair cut is right where it’s at. The shampoos, head massages and magazines – gah! Love it.
  8. Fancy drinks: Since that glass of wine taunting you across the table is off limits, indulge a little and get yourself to a fancy non-alocholic drink. I’m always amazed at what restaurants come up with and I don’t feel nearly as left out when I can say something besides, “Water please!” when ordering.
  9. Massage: There’s never been a better time to get a massage with all the back pain pregnancy brings. I recommend finding a spa that has a prenatal table designed for pregnant women to lie on their stomach, rather than a place that just uses pillows and has you lie on your side. It’s an amazing feeling to get to lie on your stomach at 37 weeks pregnant.
  10. New shoes: The one thing that always fits: shoes. (As long as your feet don’t swell too much, right?) I love me a good pair of shoes. And bonus, you can wear them before and after pregnancy, making them not only pampering, but practical. Right?
Laura is a wife to Mike and a stay-at-home mom to Eli, a chubby, blue-eyed, and often literally bouncing, baby boy who will soon be knocked off his throne with a sibling coming in December. She stumbled into motherhood unexpectedly, but so far she’s fared better than anyone ever thought she would. On any given day, you’ll find Laura DIYing (always with the goal of not severing any limbs), completing a spontaneous river dance routine when her son goes down for a nap on the first try, and continuing her endless quest to find skinny jeans that feel as comfortable as maternity jeans. If you want to see sweat or hear her loud, anxious laugh, just ask her about how motherhood is going.



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