Open Call for Community Group Leaders!

Hey there, Mama!

Are you a Twin Cities Mom who is known in her circles as a gatherer?

Are you interested in connecting with other moms in your corner of the Twin Cities metro and creating community?

TCMC Open Call for Community Group Leaders

Do you love bringing people together? Maybe you’re the mama in your friend group that others always know will start the group thread to get together. Twin Cities Mom Collective welcomes your community building expertise, and we’d be so excited to bring that energy into our community!

We love helping moms connect with one another, and our Facebook Neighborhood Groups help facilitate playdates, mom meet ups or simply just answer a question you have. The Neighborhood Groups are organized into five smaller areas as a part of the larger Twin Cities Metro. Our goal is to help moms connect with others in their corner of the Twin Cities so they can build friendships near to them and build a community of support.

We are looking for women to take on volunteer positions as community builders. Our group leaders are called Mombassadors and these women plan monthly informal gatherings like Moms Night Outs and Park Playdates, all to make sure each and every mama has an opportunity to find a place for community. Being a mom takes a lot and you should never have to walk through the journey of motherhood alone!

Specifically, we are seeking women who feel under represented when it comes to their motherhood experience. Our goal is to ensure the leadership in our groups best represent moms in every area of life, culture, work status, school choice and more. With this in mind, we will continue working to ensure that the journeys of ALL mothers are welcomed, included and supported in our community of moms.

SO! If you enjoy connecting with other local women and are passionate about making sure each mom is surrounded by community on her motherhood journey, we’d love to hear from you.

Maybe it’s not you, but your friend who would be perfect for this! We hope you’ll tell them about this opportunity!

*This is a volunteer role.

So…how does this work?

If you join our team of Mombassadors, we’ll provide you with the tools, graphics and resources to help make this work easily. Our community is supportive, shares ideas for gatherings and is a great source of community for YOU as you build community for OTHERS!

We do ask that you:

  • Reside within the Twin Cities metro area and within the area of the Neighborhood Group you’d be looking to be a part of.
  • Have a passion for women, especially moms, and our community.
  • Be available to join our private Facebook group for our Mombassadors, and be available to connect with one another.

So, what’s next?

Fill out the application below. Once we close submissions, we’ll let you know that we’re on our way to bury ourselves in all of your answers and review your application. If we are moving forward with your candidacy, next steps and updates will be sent by email. However, we may not be able to respond to each individual application. That said, please know we value every single one of our applicants and will do our very best to follow up with everyone!

Think LOCAL | Twin Cities Mom Collective is passionate about local businesses! As you think about where you might host gatherings, we hope you’ll always consider local Twin Cities small businesses as your go-to spot for getting together with other moms. Our groups are also full of questions – if you know a lot about your area and can chime in to help moms find local recommendations, it’s always appreciated!

Think MOMS | It may sound obvious, but TCMC’s target audience is made up of moms, and our deeper mission has always been to serve the woman behind the mother. We were all someone before we had kids and we’re still in there. Always consider that woman through phases of childhood development (how does this affect mom or what does mom need to know), tips and tricks (how does it help mom more than anyone else…even if you’re providing tips for helping kids, it’s to ease mama’s day too), etc. We say all of this so you have in mind that while we are a site for moms, we are always intending to serve the woman behind the mom in each and every thing we do!

Think CONNECTIONS | We encourage you to think critically about ways to engage your group. When you’ve needed connections most, what has served you well? Is that something you can incorporate into our Facebook groups? We’re always looking for new and fresh ideas for how to bring women together!


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