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New Year’s Resolutions for the Stay-At-Home Mom

New Year's Resolutions for the Stay-at-Home Mom | Twin Cities Moms Blog
I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for a little more than nine months, and already I’ve found myself with some of the classic bad habits.  If you’re still in the market for some New Year’s Resolutions, consider picking one, or two, or *cough* all the ones from this list – because we SAHMs deserve more than stains, selfies and cold coffee.
  1. Stop using your hands and clothing as burp rags and washcloths. Just make the effort to pull a burp rag out of the drawer or dig one out of the diaper bag. If you did, at least 50 percent of the stains on your clothing would be gone. Sadly, there is no hope for eliminating the other 50 percent.
  2. Jump on a trampoline again. It’s been nine months since you were pregnant. It’s time to stop leaking uncontrollably because there is no longer 20 lbs. of baby and fluids and other questionable content pressing down on your bladder. Stop wishing you were brave enough to buy those depends and instead just buckle down and do your Kegel exercises.
  3. Give your thumb a break. Nursing, pumping and bottle feeding are prime times to surf  blogs or google baby-related questions on your phone. And there’s nothing wrong with that (I mean, look at you, you’re such a productive multitasker!) but every once in a while give your brain and eyes a rest by putting down your phone. It’s like breaking any addiction, you’ll go through the classic stages of internet-withdrawal:  boredom, anxiety, and MAJOR FOMO – but YOLO, right? Your kid will probably appreciate your full-attention – your pump not so much, but bonus, you can make up more words in your head for what the whirring of the pump sounds like it’s saying to you. My pump is currently taunting me with: “No milk, no milk, no milk.” My Medela In Style is such a bully sometimes.
  4. Stop feeling bad about not getting to the gym. Picking up a 20 lb. child 42 times a day should totally count as working out and lifting weights. I mean, don’t you feel the burn in your arms as you bounce that baby in your lap over and over and over again? Even though your baby is smiling like a goon and breathing like they finished running a marathon, you know better – you’re the one that just finished 80 reps while baby just bounced along for the ride. Don’t be so hard on yourself, that kid is basically an in-home gym.
  5. Drink coffee only when it’s hot.  You deserve better than lukewarm coffee – buy a Stanley Thermos for your morning cup of Joe if you have to. Then, even if that babe makes it take all day to finish that one cup from 8 a.m., at least it will taste like you just poured it from the coffee maker.
  6. Limit your Target trips to once a week. Don’t feel too bad, Target knows what it’s doing with moms, it really does. Beyond being able to pick up your family’s milk, toothpaste and dish soap with one big red cart, it sucks you deep into its aisles with cute postpartum tops to hide your deflating tummy, a statement necklace to draw attention away from your ever changing chest, and if that weren’t enough, the life-giving Starbucks is just inside the front door, making one less stop for you to have to lug that carseat into. It is a convenient and fabulous way to burn time, but there is a land beyond Target. Be brave, go forth and explore the great big world.
  7. Buy a bra that fits. Making, having and keeping a baby alive understandably put your ladies through the ringer. I mean, let’s be real, you’ve probably been at least five different bra sizes in the past year. Now that your girls are a sad, distant memory of their former-selves, get to a professional for help to give them the best chance they’ve got.
  8. Get a photo taken of you and your kid – not take a photo of you and your kid – get one taken. You should at least have a little proof that you did in fact raise your child in a photo that your arm isn’t cut out of.
  9. Get out of the house at least once a day – even in the winter. Like, just do it. Just step outside. One foot out the porch, then down the steps. There. Doesn’t that feel good? You are no longer a depressed, insane, grumpy, loner. You are important, lovely, alive and happy. It’s worth pulling on that coat and boots – every. single. time.
  10. Stop considering shower time, me-time. You’ve already got a shower average of three times per week – well below social norms. Personal hygiene doesn’t count as “me-time” – unless it’s a mani and a pedi, with a latte in hand. Trust your husband to keep the child alive for two hours and get in some pampering.

Most resolutions for mom apply to you, regardless of your work status. Check out our post for New Year’s Resolutions for the Working Mom for even more tips!

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mary timmers January 16, 2014 at 8:21 AM


I love the idea of getting a photo TAKEN of you and your baby. What a great luxury and tradition to start and continue. Wish I could have done that! Great post!


Aimee January 16, 2014 at 9:31 AM

This is a great list! It’s actually quite easy to forget to make taking care of yourself a priority when you are so focused on your children. I love the idea of not considering shower time as “me time.” I guess I should just go ahead and get that mani/pedi I’ve been wanting…

Emily Jensen January 16, 2014 at 9:41 AM

Haha…I was shocked at number 10 and then I laughed. I’m totally guilty of considering my shower my “me time” for the day! I stay in there a long time and think, “as long as I stay in here, no one can bother me! la la la, can’t hear anything!” Total craziness. Probably means I should get out more ;-). So proud of you, sister!

Amy December 31, 2014 at 7:28 AM

Great post, Laura! I am getting ready to go back to work but I can totally to these. Thanks for the smile today.

Krista January 1, 2015 at 12:08 PM

Why is this just for SAHMs? Once again this blog forgets about all other moms. I’m sure tomorrow there will be an article about how the mommy wars needs to end but with articles like this that obviously can be for all mommas but nope just SAHMs. It’s no wonder why the rest of is get annoyed.

Twin Cities Moms Blog January 8, 2015 at 1:43 PM

Hi Krista!

Thank you for your comment…as for the list, we do many articles based for all kinds of moms, and have many articles about working moms. We try to show all perspectives and hope that one post aimed at a mom in one situation doesn’t negate the rest of our articles that are either for working moms, or for all moms. I myself am a working mom, but relate well to most of this list, and hope that our articles focused on working moms don’t leave stay at home moms feeling left out. Here is a great one that was up recently (https://twincitiesmom.com/from-a-working-moms-perspective/) and if you’ll search “working moms” in our search field in the sidebar, you’ll find many others!
Thank you for reading!


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