My Love Affair with Valentine’s Day: A Guide to Flowers

Valentine's Day: A Guide to Flowers | Twin Cities Mom Collective

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Ah, Valentine’s Day. Some love it. Some hate it. I get it, some people out there think Valentine’s Day is just a Hallmark holiday, a chance for big retailers to make lots of money. Why should you need a special day to tell someone that you love them?

These are fair opinions, however I personally am a huge Valentine’s Day lover! And not for the reasons you may think. Yes, I am a florist, and Valentine’s Day is probably the biggest holiday of the year for us. Yes, I had my first date with my now husband and got engaged, all on Valentine’s Day. We celebrated our first Valentine’s Day together as a married couple on a beach in Punta Cana. So, yes. I LOVE VALENTINE’S DAY!

But my love for Valentine’s Day runs deeper than floral sales and deeply requited love between lovers. For me, it’s about showing all the people in your life that you love them and are thinking about them.

Do you remember when you were a kid and you had all sorts of fun holiday parties at school (I am sure this is still going on at schools today, my kids are still littles so I have to rely on nostalgia for this one 😉)? Every party had parent volunteers to buy supplies, make the arts and crafts, prepare and hand out all the treats. Of course, lots of parents signed up for the high-profile holidays. Your Christmas’s, Halloween’s, Last Day of School’s. But my mom would ALWAYS sign up for the Valentine’s Day party.

I’m not sure if the timing just worked out for her to have some spare time to volunteer in February, or if all the other spots were taken by the time she had a chance to sign up, but I choose to believe that she purposely chose Valentine’s Day because she knew how much the day meant to me. I’ve always been an extroverted kid, saying hi to strangers at the mall, making friends with anyone who would talk to me. I also used to be pretty crafty in my day, diligently working on scrapbooks and creating the perfect piece of artwork. That made Valentine’s Day the perfect holiday for me.

Valentine's Day Flower Guide | Twin Cities Mom Collective

I would work for hours cutting, pasting, drawing, and stickering the most beautiful Valentine’s shoe boxes and valentines. Ribbon, foam cut-outs, taped on chocolates? All my jam. After all, this was my time to show all my friends, family members, teachers, and casual acquaintances like the mail man how much I loved them and appreciated them in my life.

When the big day would come, I would show up with all my goodies, displaying my box with the utmost of pride, and placing each hand-crafted valentine in my dear friend’s boxes. And there would be my mom. Hanging up streamers, setting up the heart activity, putting the final touches of icing on the cupcakes. The whole experience made me feel on top of the world. So much love in the air. So much to feel good about!

This is why Valentine’s Day will always hold a sacred spot in my heart. It is a chance to show everyone around you just a little love and appreciation, even if it isn’t romantic love. And that is what we really need in times like this isn’t it?

So, when you are thinking about Valentine’s Day this year (don’t forget it is this coming Sunday!), take a minute to think about someone in your life that could really use a little Valentine’s Day love. Maybe it’s your grandma who you haven’t been able to see in a year because she is quarantined in a nursing home. Or maybe it’s your next-door neighbor who is an ER nurse at the hospital. Maybe it’s your nieces who are craving any kind of personal interaction because they have been stuck at home since this whole thing began. Whether it is flowers, candy, or a simple little Valentine note, know that even the smallest gesture can carry so much weight.

With this in mind, I thought I’d share a little of my florist knowledge when it comes to flowers around Valentine’s Day. Specifically, how to do know which ones to send? While I am sure most people are just so appreciative to receive any kind of flowers on Valentines, or any day for that matter, why not personalize your flower selection to represent the meaning of your relationship! Here is a little quick guide to your different flower and color selections on Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day: A Guide to Flowers | Twin Cities Mom Collective

Rose Color Meanings:


By far the most traditional rose and popular color on Valentine’s Day. Red represents the deepest of love, the most passionate love, love beyond measure. If you are looking to tell someone you truly love them on Valentine’s Day, do it with the color red.


Pink is the second most popular rose color on this holiday, and there are lots of different colors and tones that could mean different things. In general, the color pink represents friendship. Lighter pinks symbolize sweet gentleness, perfect for little girls in your life, while deeper pinks are more playful and joyful, representing friendship and uniqueness.


White roses are the traditional bridal rose color. They symbolize purity, innocence, true love and romance.


Unbeknownst to many, ivory and white roses have different meanings! While white roses are all about purity, ivory roses represent empathy and kindness, and are less romantic than the traditional white rose. This is a great choice to send as a simple “I am thinking of you.”


Gratitude, loyalty, modesty and genuineness are all represented with the peach rose. Peach roses are great for younger girls or friends who are looking for a little sweet color in their bouquet!


Orange is the color of excitement, portraying that you are excited about your new love or situation. Pick orange if you want to show your significant other your ecstatic joy about your new relationship!


Yellow is the ultimate friendship rose, spreading a message of cheer and happiness. These roses say “I care about you,” and that you are genuinely important to me. Yellow is a very popular color to see shared amongst friends.


This is the color to represent new love, secret love or unique love. It is the perfect “just started dating” rose, and it shows the recipient that you are just head over heels about them.


Seems like an odd choice for Valentine’s Day, but black doesn’t just represents funerals or mourning. This color symbolizes mystery, new beginning, or a major change, plus they are just kind of trendy right now if you are looking for something unique to give.


Harmony, peace, health, fertility, wishes for a prosperous life and good are all represented by the green rose. This could be a great color for a business partner or associate, or someone who is about to start on a new life journey.


Blue roses symbolize mystery, unattainable love and desire. This would be a great color to send to your secret crush, just maybe don’t tell them who it is coming from!

Valentine's Day: A Guide to Flowers | Twin Cities Mom Collective

Other Flower Meanings

Peonies: flower of riches and honor, romance, prosperity, good fortune

Daisies: loyal love, purity, beauty, innocence, patience, simplicity

Tulips: perfect love, the black center of the flower represents a lover’s heart, darkened by the heat of passion

Carnations: red ones mean deep love and admiration, don’t do pink (Mother’s Day), striped (refusal) or yellow (distain and rejection)

Sunflowers : warmth, happiness, adoration and longevity

Asters: enchanted, love and patience

Chrysanthemums: optimism and joy, truth, loyal love

Orchids: rare and delicate beauty, love, luxury, beauty, strength, pure affection, mature charm

Iris: faith, valor, wisdom and promise

Stock: happy life and contented existence, plus they smell really good

Daffodils: rebirth, chivalry, devotion, unrequited love

Of course, you can also send multicolored roses or bouquets with different flowers and colors in them send multiple messages. The options are endless!

So spread a little love this Valentine’s Day to your spouse, lover, best friend, mom, grandma, cousin, nieces, dad, kids, boss, assistant, neighbor, mail man, or even just a stranger. I promise you it will make you like Valentine’s Day just a little bit more.

HERE is an easy-to-use color guide to flowers for you!

Emmy is a full time work from home mom to three kids, Lucas (4), Jonas (2), and Freyja (9 months). She has three businesses in the wedding and event industries: Posies & Poise - A wedding planning company, Alta Events Co. - A conference, meeting, & non-profit event planning company, and Revel & Flourish - A decor, design, and floral company. She loves writing and being involved in the Mom Community, and hopes to bring some insights into balancing business ownership and family life, even though she hates the word "balance". When Emmy is not working she is spending time with her husband and three non-stop kids, playing volleyball, cheering on the Badgers or catching up on her General Hospital addiction.



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