My Experience as a Mom in a Mommy and Me Class

Being a mom in a Mommy and Me class is what you make of it. Follow along as this author takes a fresh look at how beautiful the experience can be for both parent and child.

Portrait of happy mother and daughter painting with gouache  - mommy and me class

I  stepped out of a Mommy and Me class one glorious winter morning as the birds were singing. My daughter and I navigated the ice-laden Minnesota parking lot with grins plastered to our faces. She is 3 and had just had a terrific time in the colorful maze she built with the little human-sized cubes in the play gym. I have equally enjoyed every single class, I have attended with little M, as it has given me a wonderful opportunity to unlearn and relearn through her untarnished viewpoint. These hours spent together in a tiny classroom have been etched as precious memories for us both.
Nothing can top this perfect start to a Friday morning. There is something so refreshing that these little kids bring to the energy in the room as they tip-toe toward the assortment spread out in front of them. Their eyes dart back and forth until they finally settle on their choice. Being so mindful and deliberate despite their short attention span. At this age, when their fine motor skills are still developing, a small toddler chose a busy board and spent the entire session maneuvering out one screw. If that’s not perseverance taught via play, I don’t know what is. They marvel. They rejoice. They learn and explore without expecting any rewards, and that is magical.
The teachers provide many exciting activities to encourage creativity, movement, learning, and everything in between. Sometimes, there is playdough, handprints, art, painting, sensory bins, or STEM toys. These seemingly simple projects generate curiosity, foster independence and confidence in little minds. In addition, they promote perseverance along with building social skills.

Going back to the basics, stripped of the complexities each passing year adds to our personas, the other grownups and I are compelled to rediscover our inner child. I am immediately engulfed in their world and ready to play along, appreciating each new object through their eyes.

They set their own pace, follow their own thoughts, and decide their own possibilities. Empowered by unique personalities, a few littles dart to the messy play table while others get busy in the pretend play area. And a select few find joy in simply distributing hugs across the room.

It is a privilege to see how the most intelligent life form is self-learning in its nascent stage. When I look at these children and wonder how their actions must transform their brains and make countless connections, I feel lucky to be a spectator of something so precious and am left humbled.

As a mom in a Mommy and Me Class, my time always ends with group circle time when kids and their grownups sing and dance, the finale being their favorite, “The Hug Song.” Goodbyes are said to old friends and new and everyone leaves feeling refreshed.

On our way home this Friday morning, I stole a quick glance in the rear-view mirror at my little Minnesotan cradled in the car seat, settling in towards deep slumber. Hungry, tired, and sleepy but with the most content smile. That makes two of us.

Hi ! I am Madhura 🙂. I live in Maple Grove with my husband and daughter. My daughter just turned 2 so I am relatively new to parenting. I believe I am learning something new everyday as my daughter grows older. I studied Computer engineering in India and worked in US for few years before becoming a stay at home mom which I love very much. Born and raised in India and now living in Minneapolis for almost 13 years I feel my life experiences are an amalgamation of East and west. I would describe myself as inquisitive and I am always on the lookout for artistic endeavors. Currently my favorite activities include jumping in rain water puddles and making funny faces with my kiddo.


  1. You are a natural story teller Madhura! What a beautiful narration of your precious experience ❤️ With little M.

  2. What a great narrative on the joy and excitement in mommy and me classrooms. I am entering my final weeks of mommy and me classes (my youngest starts kindergarten next year). I am thankful for the time we had in these classes, and also the mom connections made while our little ones play. These classes are such a gift.


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