Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas | Twin Cities Mom Collective

Mother’s Day is almost upon us, and just like dad we don’t want another “World’s Best Mom” coffee mug… okay maybe we do because we LOVE coffee, but be sure to stuff that mug with a spa day gift card. I’m sure you have seen the shirt from Target floating around social media  that reads “mama needs wine” but as you know, what we really want is to run away and live on the beach in Maui for a day or, better yet, a short extended stay. We want a break, we want support.

I remember around Christmas a few years ago another mom was talking about how she had a few events planned for the week and felt bad that her husband would have to take care of all three kids for a few extra nights. Meanwhile, he would go out for fishing tournaments every other weekend during the winter. WHAT! Mama needs a break, mama needs support.

With this in mind, here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas that won’t leave your partner feeling dissatisfied on such a special holiday:

Spa Day

Alright, this is my favorite. I am dreaming of a spa day filled with a long massage, a mani and pedi, facial, and a deep conditioning hair treatment. Take the initiative, book it for the lady in your life around Mother’s Day weekend OR snag a gift card for the full amount and tell her to pick a day and go.


A massage is some people’s main desire, so maybe you can forgo the whole spa day and grab her a massage. You can schedule it in-home and take the kids to the park or grandmas, or you can let the mama in your life head out on her own to go get a massage, grab coffee, and maybe do a little shopping.

Dinner…just the two of you

YES! We want to spend uninterrupted time with you. Sweep us off our feet with dinner plans at some fancy new restaurant, or just our favorite spot together. We can drink adult beverages, laugh, and enjoy our plates without tiny fingers trying to steal our food.

A 4 hour chunk of time

Time to do whatever we want often sounds like a dream. You will take the kids for the day and stay home or take them out while mama does whatever she wants. Maybe she wants to have brunch with her friends or just soak in her own bathtub without a tiny human trying to disrupt her relaxation time.

Check her Amazon cart

Because we know there is something in there she just can’t seem to click CHECKOUT for. Has she been talking about getting some new shoes or workout pants? Maybe her skincare products are running low. Find them and add them to the cart (it doesn’t have to be Amazon)!

A mini vacation

…without the kids. Can your mom take the kids for a weekend? Or maybe you take the kids for the weekend while your wife enjoys a luxury stay at a hotel for the night. She can order room service, soak in the tub, and maybe even enjoy a drink at the bar or poolside.

Let her sleep in

Take this one step further and let her sleep in the whole weekend. Not just on Mother’s Day. Sure, Mother’s Day is just a day BUT you can give her the whole weekend to sleep in. Let her enjoy some extra zzzz’s while you tend to the children, make breakfast, and even deliver it in bed, with coffee of course. Can’t cook? Order breakfast in from your favorite spot and grab coffee from her favorite local shop.

Do the majority of the chores for the week

Yes, the whole week. Take over the dishes, laundry, floors, and bath and bedtime for the week or weekend. What a way to help the mother of your children feel refreshed, seen and loved.

A “techy” coffee mug

Have you noticed your wife is always warming up her coffee in the microwave? Get her an Ember cup to help her coffee stay warm for up to 80 minutes. She will appreciate this mug more than another World’s Greatest Mom mug, I promise.

Flowers and chocolates

Skip the ones you find at Target, and go somewhere like Abdallah Candies and get her champagne truffles. Something that says you thought about her, versus the end-cap display at Target. I will even say that I have always enjoyed getting Edible Arrangement gifts for holidays, especially the chocolate covered green apple slices. Also, I know Costco and all major grocery stores have flowers, but splurge a little here and support a local florist.

In the end, the most important thing is to remember to show her you love her every day. Do you know her love language? What does she value most: acts of service, physical touch, quality time, gifts, or words of affirmation? What can you do that truly speaks her language? What can you give of yourself every day and what extra can you give of yourself this special weekend to celebrate the mothers in your life?


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