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We’re in An Uproar About “Monsters on Summer Vacation”

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monsters on summer vacationWhere do Monsters go on summer vacation?

Turns out, it’s to Minnesota Children’s Museum!

Monsters on Summer Vacation

This summer (now through Sept 2), you’ll find the all-new exhibit,  “Monsters on Summer Vacation” at Minnesota Children’s Museum.  They’ve taken over the entire 4th floor of the museum! When you visit, you’ll encounter furry, fuzzy, horned, mythical signs all over the museum that alert you to the monster takeover.

monsters on summer vacation
Monsters taking over the Minnesota Children’s Museum | photo: Twin Cities Mom


The nationally recognized, in-house exhibit team at Minnesota Children’s Museum has thoughtfully developed and constructed the “Monsters on Summer Vacation” exhibit to be a “ton” of fun and strengthen social and emotional skills in fun and interactive ways.

Research is showing us one of the consequences of the pandemic, is a decrease in the development of social-emotional skills and learning in young children. “Monsters on Summer Vacation” provides children with a fun, judgment-free zone where they will take on challenges, work towards common goals, and have the opportunity to express their emotions and feelings.

monsters on summer vacation
monsters on summer vacation
monsters on summer vacation

Make your way up the stairs to the 4th-floor gallery to “Monsters on Summer Vacation” and you’ll be greeted by a giant set of blue legs and feet. It’s a sure sign you’re about to “step” into something fun!

When you reach the new exhibit space, you’ll be greeted by a colorful, musical, magical world of monsters having fun, and they want you to join in too!  In this hands-on monster-themed exhibit, you’ll encounter monsters of all shapes and sizes encouraging you to participate in the many activities they have planned.  Here’s a peek at the exhibits in “Monsters on Summer Vacation” that are waiting for you:

  • Feed the Monster – Fill the hungry monster’s stomach by sending food (foam noodles) up the chute and into its mouth. But look out, because when the monster sneezes, the noodles will come raining back down.

    Monsters on Vacation
    Feed the Monster! | photo: Minnesota Children’s Museum
  • Obstacle Course – Right in the middle of the room, is a giant serpentine structure that contains a fun-filled obstacle course with challenges of all sizes.  Balance on slime boards, squeeze through giant foam rollers (remember Double Dare on Nickelodeon?©), climb a net wall, navigate various textures and terrain, and more!

    monsters on summer vacation
    “Monsters on Summer Vacation” | photo: Twin Cities Mom
  • Monster Mash Dance Floor – Let your inner monster out on the LED dance floor complete with fun mirrors, costumes, and the biggest disco ball you’ve ever seen.  The playlist is enough to get even the most reserved dancer humming along and tapping their toes. Remember — everyone can dance!

    monsters on summer vacation
    Monster Mash Dance Floor | photo: Twin Cities Mom
  • Tot Spot – A dedicated spot for little monsters under 3 years old to crawl, climb, and build coordination skills in a space made just for them.

    monsters on summer vacation
    “Monsters on Summer Vacation” Tot Spot | photo: Twin Cities Mom
  • Eyeball Wall – Use the provided chalk to draw your silly monster on the chalkboard already filled with all sorts of eyeballs! How does your monster feel?  Show us on the eyeball wall!

    monsters on summer vacation
    Eyeball Wall | photo: Twin Cities Mom

The fun doesn’t stop there! Throughout the 4th floor, you’ll find monster-themed activities, props, and more.  Activities include:

  • The Scream Booth – This sound-proof booth invites visitors to come in and have a good scream—monster style! What does your monster sound like?
  • Monster Sound Machines – Straight out of Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory, visitors create an emotion symphony by turning switches, dials, and cranks.
  • Make-a-Monster Activity – In the recently renovated Studio gallery, visitors unleash their imaginations to create their monsters using materials like tubes, fur, fringe, and googly eyes.
  • Monster-fied Pretend Town – The Our World gallery has been turned on its head as the monsters make it their own. Get ready for the monster bites food stand, the “eye scream” cart, the monster vet clinic, and more. Can you spot our favorite pet? Look for the hamster with a green spiky mohawk!

    monsters on summer vacation
    Monster Pets in “Our World” | photo: Twin Cities Mom


The Mud Zone

“Monsters on Summer Vacation” isn’t the only thing to find roaring good fun! After rave reviews last summer (2023), The Mud Zone is once again featured in The Backyard this summer! Here’s what you’ll find in this fun and messy space!

monsters on summer vacation
Clean Up Station at The Mud Zone | photo: Twin Cities Mom

Mud Headquarters – This is the first stop on your mud journey. Pick up some dry dirt and start concocting!  What happens if you add a little water or a lot? This is also a great spot to let kids slowly warm up to the idea of getting messy if they are feeling a bit apprehensive.

monsters on summer vacation
Mud Headquarters in The Mud Zone | photo: Twin Cities Mom

Mud Kitchen – Mud pies aren’t the only thing on the menu in the Mud Kitchen! Use all of the pots and pans and bakeware and utensils and spatulas and bowls and more to bake and cook your masterpiece! This is a sensory play wonderland!

Mud Launchers – You know it’s a hit when the adults are joining in on the fun too! Test and evaluate what it takes to get the mud to its target using amazing mud launchers. Experiment at four different stations (monsters!) and see if you can hit the target just right.

monsters on summer vacation
Mud Launchers in The Mud Zone | photo: Twin Cities Mom Collective

If you’re hesitant about an exhibit that encourages mud and mess…don’t worry, we’ve got you!  Check out our best tips and tricks for navigating this fun exhibit at Minnesota Children’s Museum. You don’t want to miss it!

The Fine Print

General Admission tickets ($16 – weekday, $19, weekend and special dates) are available to purchase the day of your visit at the box office, OR save by purchasing your tickets onlineCheck museum hours and the events calendar beforehand as times vary throughout the week and around holidays.

Parking is simple and convenient.  The Minnesota Children’s Museum recommends parking in the World Trade Center Parking Ramp connected to the museum via Skyway. Bring your ticket to the box office for validation at a discounted rate ($7.50 for 3 hours and $1 for each additional 30 minutes).

If you love the museum, and think you might like to visit more than just once per year, consider becoming a member! We love a Minnesota Children’s Museum membership and the benefits of becoming a member are plentiful.  Memberships can be purchased online or at the box office and member benefits begin immediately.

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