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Mommy’s Week As Told In Coffee Cups

Morning reheat since you can’t find your first cup of coffee (Hint: it’s still in the microwave.)

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And that’s reheat and cup number three, now.

Just try to read this without singing!! #ohhellosugar #coffeemug #funnymugs #funnymug

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Yesterday was a bit of a disaster and absolutely nothing was checked off that four-page To-Do list. Okay Mama, time to get’er done!

Happy Wednesday! Mid-week! Look at you, raising these baby cubs and rocking at it.

Working up a new design! What do you think?! #etsy #etsyshop #etsyseller

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Well everything about this, is basically… Everything.

Go mama! You’re feelin’ it today, you’re gonna do it… you’re really gonna make it out of the house and you’re gonna stick to those happy hour plans you made last week!


You’re on the go this morning (after a couple too many glasses of wine and Gilmore Girls episodes).

You made it to the gym (on time) – never mind there’s baby puke on your shirt. You made it! Now, you’re home and a box of Cheerios is spewed across the kitchen floor, the milk was left out and your son has turned the three piles of freshly folded laundry into fiery balls of lava attacking the peasants and their village (aka his younger siblings).

Children, go ask your dad. 

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Honorable mention cups for your kitchen cupboard/car floor is this, this and most certainly this one.

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