Mom Hair at its Worst

Mom Hair at its Worst | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Stretch marks? Ok, I knew they were coming. Areas of stored “brown fat” my midwife told me would be impossible to exercise away until I was done nursing? Made my peace with that too, even though I had never heard of brown fat before. Hair loss? Also annoying, but expected.

The one weird postpartum issue that continues to drive me crazy over one year later is the strange tufts of hair that grew in all around my hairline. These are sometimes called “baby bangs,” but that doesn’t quite describe the extent of the issue, at least in my case.

They are especially troubling behind my ears, where they have grown into mutton-chop style sideburns that still won’t fit into a ponytail or be held back with any sort of clip. They are hidden when I put my hair down – but I still can’t wear my hair down without running the risk of it getting pulled out by the tiny fistful. My hairdresser didn’t have many suggestions, besides cutting a few shorter layers in front to try to camouflage them.

Mom Hair at its Worst | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Experts say that “baby bangs” (or “baby burns” in my case) happen after all of the hormonal shifts in pregnancy and during the postpartum period. First, you don’t lose as much hair during pregnancy, resulting in extra thick locks. Then, once you have the baby, all of that extra hair starts falling out at once. And THEN, much of it starts growing back – but the process isn’t a smooth one for many.

Apparently, hair grows about a half an inch a month, so someday I’ll be able to wear my hair in a ponytail and not look crazy.

The only advice I’ve found that’s actually helpful: Keep taking prenatal vitamins to help speed growth. Invest in some pretty head scarves. Be thankful for stocking hat weather.  

Erica Pearson
Erica lives in Linden Hills, Minneapolis, with her husband Edward and two daughters Elise and Emilia. Together, they are the Es. Originally from rural Wisconsin, Erica and her family moved from Brooklyn to Minneapolis right before Emilia was born and they enjoy exploring their new city.


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