Meet the Contributors: Jen



© Copyright 2014 Ten Tiny Toes Photographywww.tentinytoesphoto.comMarried to:  Todd

Kids:  Elsa (17), Greta (14), Owen (14)

Lives In:  Burnsville

Favorite Indulgence:  Does it sound awful to say wine?  🙂

Favorite Beauty Products: MAC lipsticks and Aveda’s Caribbean Therapy Body Scrub

Go-to Coffee Shop Drink:  Skim latte with no froth mixed with sugar in the raw

Mom Moment You Never Expected:  Contemplating to host a boy / girl sleepover for teens (yes, this is a very common after-prom activity these days!)

Favorite Things About the Twin Cities:  The restaurants and music scene, our wonderful schools and the accessibility of the city.

What Do You Love About Being on the TCMB Team?  These ladies are a lot of fun, super nice and seriously talented!  I love reading about all of their different experiences and perspectives!

For a full listing of Jen’s TCMB posts, click HERE.  You can also find her on her own blog, everyday365.


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