Making Father’s Day Special

When I think about what I want for Mother’s Day, it’s ALL. THE. THINGS. I want pictures and games and balloons and food and an all-day celebration. Throw in all the confetti and cake smash photoshoot and just really blow it out of proportion. In reality though, especially as the kids are young, it’s so special and simple with a fun breakfast and the sweetest of gifts. And really, I just want to be with my kids. And my husband and I are still very purposeful in spending MD with both of our mothers as well.

Now, when I think about what I want to do for my husband for Father’s Day, I automatically think of the glamour that I craved, but realistically, that’s not what he wants at all. So, it brings me to ponder…

What do dads really want for Father’s Day?

Making Father's Day Special | Twin Cities Moms Blog

When I think of my husband, I can think of a few things that I think we would love:

  1. A nap
  2. A date with me
  3. Going to a play with our oldest daughter
  4. Going to a movie with 1 kid
  5. A family walk
  6. Grilling out
  7. Not having to clean for a day
  8. Having a bit of cash to get a new wardrobe

Some of the pleasantries that he said goodbye to when we started having kids. I think he really cherishes quality time and so I am trying to integrate that into a Father’s Day package for him.

Making Father's Day Special | Twin Cities Moms Blog

 What that looks like is a pretty chill day where we just take moments to show our love and appreciation for him. I am a gift-giver at heart so the day isn’t complete without some sort of gift- maybe some sort of craft beer that he would love. Also, there are some really great brewery Groupons if your man is into that. 

I did a little poll on Facebook to hear specifically from men what they wanted for Father’s Day and here are some of the answers I received:

  1. Beef Jerky
  2. Quality time together
  3.  Concert tickets
  4. Groupon experience

And when you think about it, you can never go wrong with consumables.

At the end of the day, making your husband feel like he’s a freakin’ spectacular dad is all that really matters. And when kids are young, it’s up to us moms to make that happen. Because of that, I wanted to think of some more creative ways to express my appreciation to my husband for what a great dad he is. And with that, I’m creating a simple movie on my phone recording each of the kids sharing a little love with him and adding some photos of him with our children. It will be short and sweet and just a small token of the intense love we all carry for him.

I think a lot of the gift-giving portion depends on his love language. That is a great indicator of what would be most meaningful to him on that special Father’s Day. 

Truth is, I have been out of the town the past 2-3 Father’s Day and so I really want to make this one special for my husband. He deserves applause and a trophy and all the praise for his continuous outpouring of affection on his children. I’m going to work hard on giving him an ounce of that back in gratitude this FD.

Making Father's Day Special | Twin Cities Moms Blog

How are you going to make Father’s Day special?

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