July 4th Flag Cake Skewers

Our partners at Driscoll's are here to share a recipe that you can make with your kids just in time for the Fourth of July! Get the recipe, plus read how you can enter their Minnesota Exclusive "Berry Together" Sweepstakes to win a trip to Madden's on Gull Lake!

Flag Berry Skewers | Twin Cities Moms Blog

July 4th is right around the corner! Who doesn’t love enjoying the sunny day with family and friends, feeling the grass between your toes, playing with the kiddos, and, of course, enjoying a delicious grill out? It’s certainly an incredible holiday for making memories from watching parades to staying up late to catching a glimpse of the fireworks! 

How do you plan on celebrating the holiday? Our friends at Driscoll’s are sharing a creative way to both decorate and serve a healthful snack perfect for any backyard party. Check out this easy recipe and get the kiddos involved with the celebration preparation!

Flag Cake Skewers | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Flag Cake Skewers


1 Package (6 ounces) Driscoll’s Blueberries, about 32 blueberries

2 Packages (6 ounces each) Driscoll’s Raspberries, about 76 raspberries

1 (10-inch round) Toasted or grilled angel food cake*

12 bamboo skewers, 12 inches in size

White Chocolate Dipping Sauce

1/2 Cup heavy whipping cream

1 Tbsp. butter

2 Packages (4 ounces each) white chocolate baking bars, chopped

1 Tsp. vanilla extract


*Angel food cake can be either store-bought or homemade. To make your own, please click here for the recipe.

Cut approximately 10 slices of the angel food cake in ½- inch thickness. In a large skillet or grill pan, toast the angel food cake slices until grill marks appear. Let the slices cool down. Cut 26 squares in ½ x ½ inch pieces and 8 stars in approximately ¾-inch pieces. You can hand cut these or use a mini star cookie cutter. Then, place a blueberry in the middle of the star.

How to assemble:

Skewer “A”- thread skewer with, 2 raspberries, 1 angel food square, 2 raspberries, 1 blueberry, 1 angel food star, 2 blueberries, 1 angel food star, ending with one blueberry. Repeat process making a total of 3 skewers.

Skewer “B” – thread skewer with, 2 raspberries, 1 angel food square, 2 raspberries, 3 blueberries, 1 angel food star, ending with 3 blueberries. Repeat process making a total of 2 skewers.

Skewer “C” – thread skewer with, 2 raspberries, 1 angel food square, 2 raspberries, 1 angel food square, 2 raspberries, 1 angel food square, ending with 2 raspberries, Repeat process making a total of 7 skewers.

Place skewers on a serving platter in this order: Start with 1 skewer “A” and 1 skewer “B”, repeat process until all “A” and “B” skewers are used. Followed with all 7 skewers of “C”. Serve with the White Chocolate Dipping Sauce.


In a small saucepan, combine the butter and cream. Place saucepan over low heat stirring until the butter and cream come to a low simmer. Watch this carefully as mixture will burn easily. Place the chopped chocolate in a bowl and pour the hot cream over the chocolate stirring until the chocolate is completely melted and the mixture is smooth and creamy. Stir in the vanilla and serve at room temperature.

Driscoll’s is hosting a Minnesota Exclusive Berry Together Getaway Sweepstakes, now through August 31st, 2017 (3pm CT). Enter for a chance to win a family vacation – 4-night stay at Madden’s on Gull Lake. Includes a Berry Bonanza Day featuring fresh Driscoll’s berry treats and exclusive surprises. Enter here for your chance to win!

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