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10 Reasons to Join Scouts

Scouting programs like Northern Star Scouting offer certain benefits to its young members. These skills and abilities are important for developing positive attitudes and habits in youth that last a lifetime.

Scouting programs have existed for more than 100 years in the U.S. Here are ten reasons why joining one is still a good idea.


1. They Help Kids Establish Lasting Friendships

By emphasizing teamwork and common experiences, Scouts form lifelong friends with their peers in the program. These friendships can reinforce trust and result in an everlasting source of support, inclusion, and connection.

2. They Teach Kids How to Give Back to the Community

Community service is a big part the Scouting program! Service projects instill the importance of giving back to local communities and building a sense of social responsibility. They promote civic engagement and a habit of volunteering and helping others in the future.

3. They Teach Leadership Skills

Scouting activities teach kids how to seize initiative and develop project management skills. They also learn how to motivate others to work together and delegate duties. This kind of guidance prepares them for entering adulthood and becoming effective leaders.

4. They Encourage Outdoor Activity

Scouting provides direct access to nature. Activities like camping, hiking, and fishing can reinforce a participant’s connection with the environment and instill important survival skills and self-reliance. Outdoor activities provide a solid alternative to passive electronic and television usage, and they’re always preferable and appreciated.

5. Preparing Kids for Life

There’s more to Scouting than learning how to tie knots or pitch a tent, though we argue those are valuable life skills too. Scouting also helps kids develop abilities in cooking, performing first aid, navigation, time management, problem-solving, and social skills. All these skills are valuable later in life, and Scouting supports their development.

6. They Encourage Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem is an issue with many children. The effects of low self-esteem should never be underestimated. In Scouting, participants conquer challenges and pursue goals. Developing this sense of accomplishment can boost a child’s self-confidence and reinforce self-value that will be significant their entire lives.

7. They Build a Work Ethic

Generating enthusiasm for a task can be a challenge, but Scouting teaches kids to embrace work tasks and push to complete them. Goal setting and celebrating achievements build a sense of pride in one’s work. That’s something that can promote motivation and construct a positive, productive work ethic in the future.

8. They’re Open to All Children

Scouting is equally available to children of all genders and cultures. The inclusive nature of Scouting helps kids develop essential life skills and build confidence by fostering a sense of community. 

9. They’re Affordable

Scouting is for everyone, not a luxury. Not only is it less expensive than other activities, but Northern Star Scouting has never turned away a family for their inability to pay. Considering the skills, attitudes, and benefits Scouting endorses and supplies, it’s an especially cost-effective way to promote long-term development in children.

10. They’re Fun

In addition to all the practical benefits, there’s this bottom line: Scouting is just fun! Camping, sports, games, cooking, swimming, zip-lining, crafts, and other activities are still as enjoyable as they were when Scouting was instituted in the U.S. over 100 years ago. Long after fads and electronics fade, nature will still be there — and it’s one of the best places for kids to learn and grow together!

Get Set for Summer with Northern Star Scouting

We hope we’ve sparked your interest in Scouting and its many benefits! Northern Star Scouting offers a variety of fun scouting packages and activities designed to give kids unforgettable experiences and valuable life lessons. Through these programs, participants will create lasting memories and gain skills that will stay with them for life. 

Ready to learn more? Join Scouting here! 

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