It’s Time to Check Back in on Your Family’s Mental Health

Our partners at Washburn Center for Children share about how now is a crucial time to check in with your family and evaluate your mental health.

It's Time To Check Back In On Your Family's Mental Health | Twin Cities Mom Collective

May is National Mental Health Month, and a great time to check in with ourselves again, and check-in with the kids in our lives.

Like a rubber band, parents have been stretched and snapped constantly over the last 15 months. It gives us a peek into how our kids feel as they develop through life stages and learn to regulate their emotions. If resilience wasn’t in our vocabulary before — it’ll be top on the list this year.

Last year (plus now nearly half of 2021 too) set a new course for us and for our children. We ALL empathize with children like never before. We’ve been tested in new ways and watched a steady flow of stories and news about sharply increasing and intensifying mental health needs. Now, we all have a mental health story.

This Mental Health Month, Washburn Center for Children encourages you take time to rest and recognize:

  • You are doing hard things, in hard times. Give yourself grace.
  • You are your child’s best advocate and voice who sees that his/her/their behavior is a mirror to what they are feeling inside. Trust your instincts and ask for support that will help lift your child through the stages that could be a struggle.
  • Finally, remember the words of author Brené Brown, “Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we’re all in this together.” Listen to the story of Carla and Tristin HERE and hear how another family walked through these times with hope.

At Washburn Center, we are holding space for healing, finding a way forward together and telling stories in the spirit of community. If a child you know or a family in your life needs compassionate mental health care, reach out to our team at 612-871-1454 or ask your health care provider about a path to more stable days.

And lastly, please don’t wait to get help if you need it. We’re here for you.

Need help assessing if a child needs help?

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