People are hurting.
We are hurting.
Our friends are hurting.
Someone is gone in a way that’s so wrong we can’t understand and we are all broken.
Because it’s not that it happened, it’s that it happened again.
Minneapolis, please hear your people.
Please see their pain and tell them it matters.
We need our leaders to say this matters NOW, not later.

For those that are hurting deeply:
We are with you and for you.
We are broken alongside you.

Our city is heartbroken and hurting, but even more, we are only the latest location of pain for racial injustice. This is not new to many, and it makes the pain greater.
When our friends are hurting the only right thing to do is to be present, listen and to care. Step into it with them.

What they might need is for you to stand with them.
Out loud.
We stand with you.

Especially if you are white, want to help but don’t know where to start, click the picture below to link to a resource list that will give you a place to begin.

#georgefloyd #icantbreathe



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