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I Remember (A Mother’s Day Tribute)

Moms teach us all sorts of things… I’m not the first person to share that I remember my mom teaching me some of life’s most basic lessons and skills…

I remember in pre-school when she taught me to tie my shoes.

I remember in elementary school sharing with her that an unpopular boy had a crush on a cool girl and that I thought that was funny. She lovingly corrected me and taught me that a person is a person and I’m no better or worse than anyone else.

I Remember (A Mother's Day Tribute) | Twin Cities Moms Blog

I remember her teaching me to wipe my butt…bless her soul. Isn’t there a way for technology to make this less nasty? You’re telling me we can have video conference calls with people around the world, do head transplants, and get a man on the moon… But we can’t find a way to spare moms from diving into a poop-covered butt 3+ times a day?

And I remember her teaching me every syllable of “You Are My Sunshine.”

My mom showed me what it looks like to fight for something. By the time she passed away when I was in my early 20’s, I’d been watching her battle leukemia for half of her life. She was first diagnosed when I was in 5th grade… And I remember for the first time, seeing what it looks like for someone to really fight for the things that matter to them. I remember for the first time, seeing what a person’s will and spirit really looks like.

I remember seeing it when she had to hold back tears the first time her kids saw her without hair and didn’t recognize her…all because she wanted to be strong for her family.

I remember seeing it when she would come home from a day of chemotherapy with nothing left to offer…and would still find the strength within her to do the laundry and pay the bills.

I Remember (A Mother's Day Tribute) | Twin Cities Moms Blog

And I remember seeing it when she was too exhausted to button her pants, but still found the energy to greet her baby boy coming home from college for the weekend with a smile and ask him how he’s doing. And really listen.

And I remember seeing it when she hung on far longer than her body was willing…all so that she could walk down the aisle of her son’s wedding.

There are so many things that make moms beautiful… Their eyes, hair, smile… Their dorky jokes and less-than-trendy mom jeans… Their gentleness and their strength… But out of all of the things that made mine beautiful, and the lesson I’ll remember the most is the way she taught me to fight for things that matter.

My mom taught me to fight… And if I fight half as hard as she did in her lifetime, I’ll feel like a freaking boss.


Mitch is the founder of Minneapolis-based company, Fight For Something, a company that builds brands to fight for things that matter. It currently has built 3 brands that are fighting:

Minnesota Mall | Fighting For: MN. 7% of sales are invested back into MN non-profits.

Northern Glasses | Fighting For: Water. 7% of sales are invested in clean water projects around the world.

MN Christmas Market | Fighting For: Kids. The MN Christmas Market is an annual pop-up holiday shopping event that showcases homegrown brands and makers, with a charitable twist. 7% of sales from the event go to local charities investing in kids in the Twin Cities.

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