I Know Nothing

I’ve heard that you learn about parenting ‘on the job.’ We’ve all heard people say, “If I knew then what I know now.”

But… I’m just not buying it, and it can’t just be me!  

I Know Nothing | Twin Cities Moms Blog

I’ve been at this new gig called motherhood for roughly 54 months, or 4.5 years, and I can officially say that I know slim to nothing more than I did four years ago.

Two nights ago, my daughter decided she was ready for bed, which never happens. She got up and said that it was time to brush her teeth and we went and did it. Can I get a hallelujah?  

Fast forward to tonight, a mere two days from what felt like an absolute mom win moment, my wife and I were slapped in the face with the reality that just as soon as you think you might have a grasp on something it all falls apart!

Like a swift kick in the pants I am reminded that even though I want to be ‘large and in charge’ and pretend that I have things under control, the hard hitting reality is that I simply do NOT.

We have good days, we have great days, and then we have the melt down, tantrum-throwing, “NO, I won’t brush my teeth,” moments that make me question my own sanity.

I often think about writing a great, life-changing, viral post about motherhood, about how I’ve got it all under control and can offer some sort of advice to mothers out there that’ll make their lives exponentially easier and cure their toddler of the terrible twos or threes. 

Conversely, here I am, writing this post, sharing just how much I know absolutely nothing about how to be the kick-butt mother I hoped I’d be. I thrive on the smallest slivers of hope, the most minuscule victories, which encompass the daily life of mothering a child.

I guess this is my real life, being a mom is no walk in the park post. I don’t have all the answers and I likely never will. Every day I’ll wake up, every day I’ll ‘wing it,’ and every day I’ll accept that doing all of the above is absolutely okay because doing these things, with love for our kids, is all we can do!

I Know Nothing | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Debbie McLoughlin
Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Debbie moved to St Paul, MN to attend the College of St Catherine a ‘few’ years ago. After graduation Debbie remained in the Twin Cities and pursued a CPA license and MBA degree. An accountant by day and (self-proclaimed) kick ass mom and wife ALL the time. Debbie now lives in Woodbury, MN with her amazing wife and almost 4 year old daughter. Hockey was Debbie’s first passion in life, until having her daughter 4 years ago, now she focuses on her daughter, her wife, her job, her blog and she still plays hockey as much as possible. Debbie and her wife are extremely passionate about equality for all and strive to share their two mom family with all, in an effort to educate others that families come in all forms. Debbie blogs over at Africa’s Blog (www.africasblog.com) and has a social presence on Facebook (www.facebook.com/africasblog), Twitter (www.twitter.com/debbiemc18) & Instagram (www.instagram.com/africasblog)


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