I Am a Twin Cities Mom: Katie Greeman

I Am a Twin Cities Mom: Katie Greeman | Twin Cities Moms Blog

Welcome to our newest series: I Am a Twin Cities Mom, where we will regularly feature some of our area’s inspiring mothers.  Our first featured Mom is Katie Greeman of Spill the Wine.

Katie Greeman is the owner of Spill the Wine in Minneapolis and is an inspiring Twin Cities Mom.  We met Katie early on in the beginnings of Twin Cities Moms Blog and are convinced that there isn’t a thing she can’t accomplish!

Spill the Wine opened on Washington Avenue in 2007, the same year the 35W bridge collapsed, the year the recession began and the year Katie and her husband Karl realized their goal of owning and operating their own restaurant. Both were veterans in the restaurant industry and together they put Karl’s operational skills and Katie’s keen business sense to task. The restaurant instantly became a success.

I Am a Twin Cities Mom: Katie Greeman | Twin Cities Moms Blog

While they enjoyed their success, Katie and Karl very soon realized owning a restaurant was no walk in the park. Less than half of new restaurants make it past their first two years. Nonetheless, Spill the Wine prevailed and Katie and Karl, along with their two-year old son Charlie, celebrated the restaurant’s third anniversary. Unfortunately, just a few short months later, Karl suddenly passed away. While Katie received an abundance of support from friends and family, there were those, particularly her industry peers, who questioned her capabilities. Katie was frequently asked when she would be shutting her doors.

Fueled by those who doubted her independence as a business owner, Katie became more determined than ever to prove them wrong. Not only was she committed to keeping it open, she was fueled to making it better than ever! In the spring of 2013, she gave it a new face and relocated Spill the Wine to it’s new home on Lake Street and Bryant Ave in Uptown.


If we peeked in your purse right now, what would we find? Red lipstick, my computer charger, and misc. receipts. Things I always seem to have on me regardless of how how often I clean my purse – these things find their way back inside.

Why do you call the Twin Cities home? Born and raised here. I enjoy traveling, but love coming home to Minneapolis. It has the beauty of a coastal town, less congestion, and who can complain with all the beautiful lakes we have access to?

What’s been the greatest joy of motherhood? Watching Charlie become his own ‘self’ as he explores, learns, asks questions. He makes me smile and I feel proud to call him my own.

What’s been the greatest challenge of motherhood?  Doing it alone… there is never a break in sight, even when I’m out of town, I am always on call, with my phone close by and ringer on. It’s a juggling act with scheduling childcare, after school activities, and now sports as he’s getting older. Managing a household as well as a career with very little free time – it’s alway my greatest challenge.

How do you hope your life influences and/or inspires other women? I am an example that we can do it! While life can be hectic and chaotic at times, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am driving my own bus and have financial and personal freedoms that allow me to be the best person/mom that I am.  While I enjoy sharing my life with someone else, there will be no turning back and giving up the success and strength I have created during the periods in my life I was asked to ‘dare greatly.’  I have been forced to dig deep, get out of the waiting room and value all of the wonderful things I have in my life while exploring my most vulnerable self. I have taken ownership in all that I do, accountability, and have found a happiness I never knew.  Having lost my husband 4 years ago, it transformed me from my lowest point to a high that I never knew existed. I love a little deeper, snuggle a little longer and listen a little harder than I ever did before.

Twin Cities Favorites: Cafe Latte…chocolate!, the Chain of Lakes for a good run, Matt’s Bar for a ‘cheat’ night
Date Night: Anything local, independent and not NEW. Love supporting restaurants that have stood the test of time.
Dessert: Anything chocolate.
Entertainment: A good movie in the theatre, or a small venue live performance.. Icehouse, First Ave.
Shopping (for YOU!): CAbi, of course, and small boutiques in Uptown – Kisa Boutique and Covered to name a few.
Relaxation: A long run with my beats by Dre on 🙂



  1. Such an inspiring story! And I agree with Alissa on the lipstick! I have never been to Spill The Wine before, but it will absolutely be the next girl’s night out spot!

  2. Such an inspiring story! And I agree with Alissa on the lipstick! I have never been to Spill The Wine before (I don’t get out of the suburbs much) but it will definitely be my next girl’s night out spot! Thanks for sharing you story with us Katie.


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